The days of working during the day and having to take care of children at home at night are too tiring and exhausting. It’s better to resign and take care of children full-time. Mom with this idea should pay attention. The path of being a full-time mom is not as easy or as easy as you imagine. However, don’t be intimidated. Some mothers, despite being burdened with household chores every day, still have a wonderful life. How do they do it? Let’s take a look together!

Suggestion 1: Give yourself a little more freedom

A full-time mother has to be on standby 24 hours a day and take a lunch break all year round? NO! That’s all the shackles you put on yourself. Full time mothers are also individuals and need freedom, so we don’t have to be too harsh on ourselves.

Occasionally not wanting to cook? Sure, why not order takeout. Would you like to go shopping with your best friend on the weekend? Sure, give the baby to your husband. Why don’t you rest assured? Are you still afraid of the baby being abused?

Don’t live a full-time mother’s life like imprisonment, you should have a wonderful life. Being a mother also means not sacrificing everything for the sake of the child, nor losing oneself. Your family is not only about children, but also about yourself and your husband. Only by living happily and happily with every member can you make your family happier.

Sacrificing oneself solely for the sake of children does not necessarily mean being good to this family. Women should play the roles of mothers, wives, and masters, learning to balance family life.

Suggestion 2: Avoid complaining in front of your husband

It is said that women tend to become resentful after marriage, especially full-time mothers who have children. After Dad comes home from work, he can only hear endless complaints. Can we still live a good life like this?

Perhaps your complaint is just to vent and let him understand your tiredness. In fact, he may not have such an understanding, after all, he works from dawn to dusk every day, earns money to support his family, and is also very tired. Your complaint will only make his brain more tired after working all day, and it will also be more disrespectful. If you really want to find someone to complain about, you might as well talk to your best friend. After chatting, you will feel comfortable in your heart.

Complaining can never solve a problem. Complaining to your husband not only won’t improve your emotions, but also may pass on negative emotions to him. Having too many complaints at home is not conducive to the baby’s growth. Being a reasonable and understanding wife is a hundred times stronger than being a complaining wife. Less complaint, more joy in the family.

Recommendation 3: Allow children to act recklessly

This thing can’t be eaten, that thing can’t be played with, go to bed after taking a shower, don’t shout so loudly, don’t run so fast… Most mothers love to manage their children everywhere under the banner of ‘for the good of their children’.

How can a mother insist on her child when she has many ‘cannot’ things that she cannot do on her own? Let children go to bed early, but often stay up late to play with their phones; Let children not play, but become addicted to shopping on their own; Tell children not to eat this or that, but they never restrain themselves in front of delicious food; Let the child calm down, but if he is slightly dissatisfied, he will fly into a rage… The real-life version of ‘only state officials are allowed to set fire, no people are allowed to light the lights’.

As a full-time mother, although you have more time to take care of and educate your children, don’t overdo it. Children are children, and they should have their own wildness and freedom. Don’t trap them in the rules you set. We should learn to understand children, reflect on ourselves frequently, give them more freedom and development space, and occasionally allow them to act recklessly.


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