Some new mothers have strong breasts before pregnancy and upgraded cups after pregnancy. When breastfeeding is over, new mothers will find a problem: breasts are getting smaller and smaller, and they are drooping, shaped like a bag. The sagging breasts don’t look beautiful at all. Some new mothers will come up with the idea that if they didn’t insist on breastfeeding, they would have no trouble feeding their children directly with infant milk powder. But I think that breast-feeding will not affect the original appearance of breast, as long as the method, after the breast-feeding period, the new mother’s breast can also be as straight as before.

Many mothers believe that breast feeding is the main cause of breast sagging and relaxation. But I don’t think breast-feeding will affect the original appearance of breasts, and correct breast-feeding, the breasts of new mothers will become fuller and stronger after breast-feeding.

In the process of breast-feeding, the baby’s breast-sucking will constantly stimulate the endocrine breast tissue of the new mother’s breast. The more stimulated the breast tissue, the more developed it will be, which is the same as the more muscles exercise, the stronger it will be. Therefore, after breastfeeding, the breasts of new mothers become larger and stronger, not lax and sagging.

During the lactation period, Mommy should adopt the correct feeding method. The new mother can alternately feed two breasts. When the baby only eats one breast, the mother should suck the other breast with a breast suction device to keep the size of both breasts symmetrical. At the same time, don’t let the baby pull the nipple while feeding, and avoid mastitis during lactation.

During breastfeeding, the new mother holds her four fingers together to hold the lower breast circumference, which can prevent breast sagging and make the baby suck more smoothly. Every time breast-feeding, let the baby suck up the milk, to avoid breast-feeding.

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