Some people say that “drinking water will make you fat”. This sentence is not suitable for drinking water. Drinking water scientifically and correctly can not only help you detoxify, reduce postpartum fat, but also make your skin tender! So, what are mothers waiting for? Look at the right posture of drinking water!


This time period is the time for mothers to get up. After getting up and brushing their teeth, they should drink a 250cc cup of boiled water before the advanced meal, which can help you clean up the food piled up the day before. Of course, after drinking water, you need to wait for about half an hour, let the water clean up the toxin before eating!


A housewife’s mother who goes to the office after breakfast or finishes housework. The body may be a little dehydrated at this time. It’s time to replenish at least 250cc of water. Remember, never use lemon tea or coffee instead of water!


It’s time to give yourself a third glass of water in a day to replenish the water lost in your body, which can help you relax your tension and deal with the next things more energetically.


Half an hour after lunch, hold back the desire to drink. The high sugar in the drink will make you fat more seriously. At this time, drinking a glass of water can help your body digest and maintain your figure.


Feel sleepy? You can take a nap, wake up and add a cup of boiled water to make up for the lost water. Keep your mind clear.


After work, don’t leave the office in a hurry. Drink another glass of water to avoid thirst on the road. It can also increase your sense of fullness. When you eat dinner, you won’t eat too much.


Drink another glass of water, you’ve got 2000 cc of water today, which can help your body metabolism and reduce the harm of sugar drinks to your body. Finally, you don’t need to add extra water to avoid drinking too much and getting up at night to go to the toilet.

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