Many pregnant mothers want to be able to go to labor, but not always. Under the influence of various reasons, many pregnant women still need a caesarean section to successfully deliver the baby. After cesarean section, doctors usually tell the new mother to exhaust as soon as possible. This may seem like a small thing, but it is very important for new mothers to recover and their health after birth.

Why should a new mother exhaust her exhaust as soon as possible?

Many doctors will tell patients to exhaust as soon as possible after many operations. On the first day after operation, most of the patients were in bed rest, and gastrointestinal peristalsis itself was not good. Some operations also use narcotics, which in itself can cause intestinal paralysis. Exhaust is the signal that the patient’s stomach and intestines peristalsis return to normal. If the patient does not exhaust after operation, it shows that the stomach and intestines have not returned to normal peristalsis. At this point, the patient’s food intake is likely to cause food retention in the intestine, resulting in adhesive intestinal obstruction.

Cesarean section of the new mother’s abdominal surgery, the operation will cause irritation to the intestinal muscles, intestinal function is inhibited, intestinal peristalsis will be weakened. Therefore, pregnant mothers also need to eat after exhausting. Generally speaking, the new mother will exhaust after 24 hours of caesarean section, and intestinal function will begin to recover gradually. If there is no exhaust after 48 hours, the pregnant mother will have to check with the doctor.

Two. What are the reasons that affect new mothers’ early exhaust?

If a new mother has difficulty venting after parturition, there are three more likely reasons for the success of a ruptured labor.

1. There is food accumulation or constipation before birth.

New mothers may have accumulated food or constipation before giving birth, accumulated intestinal food residues, or gastrointestinal disorders caused by fasting before and after surgery. These will cause pregnant mothers postpartum abdominal distension, exhaust delay.

2. Epidural analgesia pump was used.

In many urban hospitals, analgesia pumps are provided to pregnant mothers after caesarean section to help new mothers alleviate postpartum pain. Many new mothers want to stay awake after childbirth, so that they can communicate with new babies. Analgesic pumps can be managed by the new mother, a small amount of uniform medication, more gentle, pregnant mother feel less pain, you can start to let the baby breast milk as soon as possible.

But one of the side effects is that some new mothers may appear intestinal peristalsis weakening, serious nausea and vomiting, urinary retention, pruritus, hypotension, dyspnea and other adverse reactions.

3, pregnant mothers inhaled a lot of gas.

This is mainly because pregnant mothers talk more frequently, swallowing a lot of gas will aggravate abdominal distension. Postpartum, pregnant mothers had better rest quietly, speak less, so as not to affect the exhaust.

Three, how does the pregnant mother exhaust as soon as possible?

New mothers need to be nourished and restored after childbirth to better nourish their newborn babies. Therefore, pregnant mothers should pay attention to some small details of life, help themselves exhaust as soon as possible.

1. Get out of bed early.

In general, doctors encourage new mothers to get out of bed after 24 hours of caesarean birth. New mothers can get out of bed and stand for a while, with the help of family members or nurses, or take a few slow steps and try three to four times a day. If it is difficult to stand and walk, new mothers should also have proper activities in bed, such as turning over. This is conducive to exhaust, but also helps prevent organ adhesion.

2, massage the abdomen properly.

When a new mother is in bed, she can gently massage her abdomen with her or her family. Massage from top to bottom, about 15 minutes each time, massage every 2-3 hours. This is conducive to accelerating intestinal peristalsis, so that the new mother exhaust as soon as possible, but also conducive to removing residual snow, help the new mother recover as soon as possible.

3, be cautious about eating.

Within 6 hours of caesarean birth, doctors will tell new mothers to strictly fasting. Because the anesthetic effect has not been completely eliminated, the new mother’s physical function has not returned to normal, many organs are still relatively slow response. If you eat, you may cause your new mother to choke or even vomit.

At this stage, if a new mother is particularly thirsty, the caregiver’s family or nurse can feed the new mother a little water first. Usually 6-8 hours later, even if the new mother has not exhausted, you can also eat some milk and sugar-free drinks, such as lotus root powder, or rice soup, radish soup and other light digestible food. Because proper amount of food helps to help new mothers recover gastrointestinal function as soon as possible. At the same time, pay attention to eat a small number of times, try not to increase the burden of stomach and intestines.


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