Delivery is a great test for women, especially for mothers who give birth by caesarean section. Although they avoid the severe pain of natural childbirth, they feel pain after caesarean section. Severe pain is tolerated in the first few days after delivery. First is pain after anesthesia, then uterine contraction pain, catheter extraction pain, first vesicle pain, turning wound pain…

Pain is not the most terrible. What is terrible is that you have survived the pain, but your body has not recovered. However, as long as good postpartum care, cesarean section mothers can also recover as before. Here are a few things that mothers should do well in caesarean section.

1. Body

1. Urine promptly

Usually the doctor will pull out the catheter the next day after the operation, and then the mother will get out of bed and urinate. The first urination may be very difficult, some cesarean section mothers take an hour to solve the first urination, although it is hard, but in order to maintain the body.

Puerpera should pay attention to hygiene and avoid cross infection. The sanitation of public toilets is not assured. If you put a disposable toilet mat on it, you can sit comfortably in the toilet.

2. Exhale in time

After cesarean section, abdominal distension will occur. If you can exhaust smoothly within 48 hours, the intestinal function will basically recover. After exhaust smoothly, you can start eating. Because after laparotomy, intestinal peristalsis is weakened due to stimulation of intestinal tract, which results in abdominal distension after operation. It is only after the exhaust (i.e. farting) is determined that intestinal peristalsis has returned to normal. If the exhaust is not completed within 48 hours, the doctor should be informed to check and deal with it.

3. Early lactation

Some mothers are afraid that caesarean anesthetics will affect milk and dare not breast-feed, in fact, this need not worry. At present, caesarean section is usually used in maternal epidural anesthesia, that is, abdominal anesthesia, the dosage of anesthetics will not affect milk. By the time the mother is awake and her limbs are able to move, the anesthetics are almost metabolized. Cesarean section mothers can also let their babies suck milk within half an hour after delivery to achieve three early (early sucking, early contact, early breast-feeding). And the baby’s sucking is also conducive to uterine contraction, promote uterine recovery.

4. Turn over and get out of bed

After cesarean section, knife-edge pain is unavoidable, but the mother should not be afraid of pain without turning over, long-term maintenance of a posture can easily lead to intestinal adhesion and thrombosis. Early turning over and getting out of bed can promote blood circulation of lower limbs and avoid this situation. In addition, get out of bed as soon as possible, with the help of family members as soon as possible to get out of the ground activities, in order to facilitate the recovery of physical function and strength, help the recovery of uterus and lochia discharge.

5. Reasonable diet

After cesarean section, the mother’s body is relatively weak, coupled with the burden of the baby’s food rations, more careful care is needed, pay attention to nutritional balance. But we should pay attention to not eating immediately after caesarean section.

Within 6 hours after cesarean section, the pregnant women should fasting strictly, because the effect of anesthetics has not been completely eliminated, the general reaction is low, if eating, may cause cough, vomiting and so on.

After 6-8 hours of operation, although no exhaust has been exhausted, a small amount of liquid food without sugar and milk can be eaten. At this time, the food eaten should mainly be light and digestible liquid food, and try not to contain fat, protein and other foods that are not suitable for digestion and gas production, such as milk, sugar water. Attention should be paid to eating a small number of times, so as not to increase the burden of the gastrointestinal tract.

Psychological counseling

Caesarean section is not only physically injured to mothers, but also mentally affected by the birth of babies. Therefore, the mother should slowly tidy up her mood to adapt to the arrival of the baby.

1. Communicate more with people

Mothers can communicate with family and friends more after childbirth, and can consult experienced people about puerperal skills, methods of taking children, etc., so that with a common language, mothers will not feel bored, mood can also be eased.

2. Relax

Mothers should relax their mood after childbirth. Don’t be depressed because of the pain of caesarean section, scars of wounds, body deformation, mother-in-law relationship and other problems. Good mood can make the body recover better and faster.


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