Many new mothers think that babies can be relaxed after they are born. As everyone knows, postpartum puerperium is the beginning of the test. Because the mother’s body has not recovered, but also to take care of the newborn baby, for the novice mother is a great test. Postpartum physical weakness, pain wounds, day care of the baby, but also ready to breast-feeding, breast-feeding, sleeping, it is physically and mentally exhausting.

I’m in a hurry. I’m recommending some moon artifacts for mothers today, hoping to help new mothers get through this difficult postpartum recovery period. With the help of these good things, the puerperium will save more effort and effort.

First: disposable underwear

Generally speaking, 3-4 days after the birth of the baby, the mother will discharge the lochia produced during pregnancy and childbirth from the body. The duration of lochia varies from person to person. In general, lochia is cleaned about three weeks after delivery, averaging about 21 days, 14 days for the short and 6 weeks for the long.

Because of this period of maternal resistance will be relatively weak, so we must pay attention to private hygiene, remember to change underwear, to prevent infection. During the month, it is recommended to wear disposable underwear, more sanitary, convenient, but also to avoid the embarrassment of family help cleaning.

Second: soft toothbrush.

When it comes to personal hygiene, you have to mention the problem of brushing your teeth. Older generations believe that brushing teeth during puerperium is easy to loosen after aging, but not brushing teeth actually increases the chances of gum infection, especially in the mouth is not particularly good beforehand Baoma to do a good job of oral cleaning. You can choose a soft toothbrush for mothers, brush their teeth once a day and early morning, gargle every meal.

Third: breast pump.

After giving birth, milk is not enough for many new mothers. In fact, the amount of milk is related to the number of breast, the degree of development, and the sucking stimulation of the baby. Babies suck early, suck more, mothers drink more water, soup, balanced nutrition, more rest, relax mood, these are the secret to ensure that mothers sufficient milk. In addition, clearing breast is also critical.

During lactation, the use of breast milk can increase milk secretion. In the case of insufficient milk secretion, after the newborn sucks the breast milk, then uses the breast sucker to suck, several times later may increase the milk secretion. Milk suckers can not only collect excess milk and store it, relieve the pain of milking, but also help empty the breasts, thereby producing more milk.

Fourth: milk storage bags

For some mothers with plenty of milk, it’s a pity if the baby can’t drink enough breast milk. There is also part of the mother to return to work after delivery, the baby’s ration is very difficult to guarantee. Therefore, in view of these two situations, it is suggested that mothers can store the surplus milk in milk storage bags to ensure continuous breastfeeding.

Fifth: lactation pillow

Mothers in postnatal breastfeeding often use their hands to support the baby’s head because their baby’s head is not well controlled. As a result of long-term excessive use of the wrist, thumb parts and maintain the same baby-holding posture, resulting in wrist tendon inflammation, wrist pain and swelling near the commonly known as “mother’s hand”. Physically, the tendons and ligaments of mothers who have just undergone childbirth are fragile and vulnerable.

So, in order to avoid this situation effectively, new mothers need to learn the correct hand feeding posture! Or, with the help of the breast feeding artifact – breast feeding pillow, is also a good choice.

Sixth: Moon clothing.

After giving birth to a baby, mothers often feel sweating more than usual, sometimes just wake up from sleep or a little exercise will sweat, and even soaked clothes, this is a normal phenomenon of mothers after childbirth, also known as puerperal sweat.

Therefore, during the puerperium, you can prepare a few more comfortable home clothes, timely replacement of clothes, in order to avoid a cold. Indoor ventilation is more conducive to postpartum recovery.

Tips: If it is summer puerperium, when using air conditioning or fans, do not blow directly to the puerpera, long time blowing, cooling should be stopped in time. It is advised to wear long trousers to avoid catching cold.

Seventh: lactation underwear

Breast-feeding is a very special period, the mother’s breasts to become a child’s growth granary, but also to maintain the beauty of the past. Therefore, it is necessary to have a few comfortable breast-feeding underwear, not only to facilitate breast-feeding, to avoid embarrassment, but also to prevent sagging chest.


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