I can’t finish those things in three days and three nights~

It’s true that mothers have a lot of bitter water for the taboos of puerperium:

@ Duo Duo: I haven’t washed my hair for a month. My hair is itchy. After a month’s shampoo, it took me 40 minutes to comb my hair smoothly.

@ Molly: eat five or six meals a day, chicken soup and fish soup. You can’t eat vegetables. Finally, you become fat!

@ little C: in the middle of the month, all kinds of things are not allowed. It’s not good to soak your feet at night. I can’t eat without brushing my teeth in the morning. I don’t need to think about bathing at all. I feel like I stink and I have to bear it.

It is true that there are many taboos in the traditional concept of puerperium, but many of them are Keng Niang. Now pay attention to scientific puerperal period, let’s talk about what can’t be done in the end.

1. It is necessary to wash your hair

● old rule: washing your hair and bathing will cause the invasion of damp evil and cold evil, leaving the root of the disease later, often with headache, hair loss and neck pain.

● scientific puerperium: before, there was no shower condition, and dirty water was easy to contaminate the cervix and cause illness when sitting in the bath. In addition, it’s not easy to dry your head in cold weather. If you don’t have a hair dryer, you’ll get cold easily.

The puerpera will sweat a lot during childbirth and often after childbirth. In addition to the excretion of lochia, milk secretion, etc., the body is easier to be dirty than the general people, and more easily to be invaded by pathogens. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to personal hygiene after childbirth. It can take a shower or warm water to wipe the bath. After washing, it should be dried in time to avoid being blown by cold wind. Do not touch water on the wounds of the perineum and abdomen that are not healed.

2. No ventilation

● old rule: when giving birth to a child, the bone seam is fully open, but it hasn’t recovered well during the month. If the wind blows, it will have bone pain or even arthritis in the future.

● scientific puerperal period: the “open bone suture” mentioned during normal labor is actually to open the empty cervical opening, which has nothing to do with the bone suture. The house is not ventilated, easy to cause bacteria breeding, baby and mother are easy to get respiratory diseases, long prickly heat. Keep the room clean and ventilated as long as it is not directly blown by the cold wind.

3. Vegetables and fruits

● the old rule: the old generation thought that vegetables and fruits were relatively cold, and mothers could not eat them.

● scientific puerperium: if the fruits and vegetables are not enough, the puerperal constipation will be easily caused.

You can eat vegetables after childbirth, and eat more. Vegetables contain a lot of dietary fiber. Eating vegetables after childbirth is good for keeping intestinal tract unobstructed, promoting early defecation after childbirth, which is very important for postpartum recovery, and also can avoid postpartum hemorrhoids aggravation. During the month, you can also eat fruits, but don’t pick the ones that are too hard and hard to chew. You should choose the seasonal fruits that are easy to eat, absorb and digest.

4. Do not brush your teeth

● old rule: there is a folk saying that “a child loses a tooth”. It is believed that brushing teeth during the month will shake the root of the tooth, resulting in premature loosening and falling off of the tooth.

● scientific puerperium: in pregnancy, due to the capillary dilation of estrogen, it will aggravate the original gingivitis, swell the gums, and easy to bleed when brushing, but the inflammation and bleeding are not caused by brushing, but the aggravation of the original gingivitis. At this time, more attention should be paid to oral health.

The puerpera must brush her teeth in the month, otherwise the teeth will be easily damaged. If she does not brush her teeth, a large number of bacteria will breed, leading to diseases. You can choose a softer toothbrush or use mouthwash.

5. No inactivity

Old rule: you can only stay in bed during the puerperal period and can’t walk down.

● scientific puerperium: the blood in the maternal body is in a state of hypercoagulability. If lying down for a long time and sitting still, it is easy to cause lower extremity venous thrombosis. Generally, new mothers can walk down the ground six hours after birth. The mother of caesarean section and the doctor also encourage early activities, which is conducive to wound recovery.

6. No sexual intercourse

The new mom and dad really have to worry about having sex.

Whether it’s a normal birth or a Caesarean birth, the body needs to recover, about six weeks. It takes time for the cervix to close, postpartum bleeding to stop, and wound healing. If you have sex rashly at this time, it will increase the risk of infection. New dads need to be more considerate~

The traditional method of puerperal period is not to say that it should be totally denied, and the old people also want us to be good in essence, so they can’t say that.

For a tradition that has no basis or harm, at least family harmony can be achieved by coping with it. But some of them have no scientific basis and may cause harm. At this time, the new mother will have to show her own attitude.


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