There is no one with a score of 100 in love, only two with a score of 50.

Everyone needs to constantly learn and cultivate on the path of love, and even if they are in agreement and have a deep understanding of each other, love needs to be managed in order to blossom and bear fruit.


During the process of upgrading to fight monsters, we often feel at a loss,

It is easy to be fooled by love and do selfish things in the name of love.

Take your partner’s kindness for granted

In fact, aside from the limitation of partners, this principle applies to all aspects of life.

As an adult, if you bump and bump once or twice, you should also understand a truth: in this world, there may not be a third person who is willing to treat you well for granted, except for your parents.

In a romantic relationship, there is nothing that should or should not be, and there are also things that we believe are ‘you should do this’ or’ other boyfriends do this, so you should do the same ‘.

Everything has a degree.

Just like if you’re going to be late, don’t keep teasing me by saying: you’ll arrive in two minutes or soon, and then you’ll only show up in three hours. Just like you wanted a gift, I bought the best one for you within my ability, but you received it and said, ‘Didn’t I tell you that I wanted the latest one?’?

This society is actually very cruel and realistic, and no one has an obligation to treat you well. He could have avoided doing so.

What others do to you only for the sake of love is hard won and worth cherishing.

Lack of communication

When encountering problems, speak up and don’t hold back.

Girls, don’t think your other half is detective Sherlock. If you raise an eyebrow and lose a hair, he can even know you’re angry. Sometimes he doesn’t realize it, you don’t have to feel like he doesn’t understand you. If he behaves in any way that doesn’t meet your expectations, he doesn’t have to rise to a height where he doesn’t love you.

If you have any problems and feel uncomfortable, just tell him directly and let him know why you are not happy, that’s all.

Demanding that the other party change for themselves

Before meeting you, he spent more than a decade or even longer shaping himself. As soon as you arrived, he overturned others and was so sad that he would run to the small corner to draw circles and sob.

Accept him as he is, no one is perfect, and everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Don’t force others to change for you if you can’t hold a drop of sand in your eyes.

If you really find something about him that you feel is particularly bad and want him to change, then remember that you are based on your friends and then your lovers. Like friends, you should express your feelings and provide suggestions to him. As for whether to accept or not, it depends on him.

Talking about the word ‘breakup’

Unless you really want to break up, don’t say anything under any circumstances, it’s too hurtful.

Love is a beautiful thing, once you have it, you should maintain its beauty with your heart, otherwise you will lose it one day.

Wishing everyone happiness.

That’s it.


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