If Mommy chooses to concentrate on taking care of her children at home, she has to be psychologically prepared, because this does not mean that you will be a lady from now on, but that you will have greater responsibility. Because you are responsible for the children’s all-weather food, clothing, housing and transportation, the family will hope that with you at home, we can have a better quality of life.

Whether it’s housework, three meals, or children’s upbringing, it’s all under your control. At this time, the pressure suddenly becomes great. But if Mommy can manage her emotions properly, it’s really the safest and most reassuring choice to take care of her children by herself. Full time Mommy skills get √

Stay at home mom is not a stay at home nanny

– full of positive energy, creating a positive and optimistic atmosphere

We are full-time mothers, not full-time nannies. Sometimes we have to be lazy mothers. Don’t blindly sacrifice yourself, love yourself more, let yourself happy to infect others.

For example, one day I’m too lazy to cook. It’s OK to order a takeout. Children can’t eat bad occasionally. Don’t be too serious and dogmatic. If you don’t cook, let’s watch a movie and relax. It’s most important to be in a good mood!

My purpose is not to do it, or do it, don’t cry tired, don’t admit work or resentment! On Saturday and Sunday, give the child to her husband, go out to relax, do a spa, or make an appointment with a friend to go shopping for dinner.

I always think that “a good mother is not a mother who sacrifices everything for her children. She will not lose herself for her children, but will improve herself with the help of her children. She must have her own life and hobbies, have the ability to interpret life positively and perceive happiness; she knows how to make herself as happy as possible, and can make her husband and children feel her calm and positive attitude; she always transmits positive energy to children.


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