Many mothers-to-be begin to prepare for pregnancy, pay attention to diet and exercise, hoping to give birth to babies through natural childbirth. However, the production of this kind of thing, sometimes encounter many unexpected circumstances, some expectant mothers have to use caesarean section. So, in the process of postpartum recovery, new mothers need to know some basic self-care knowledge, so that they can recover faster and better.

Exhaust as soon as possible after delivery

Most patients need to exhaust as soon as possible after abdominal surgery. Caesarean section is no exception, although the operation time is not long, but the new mother’s intestinal tract will be stimulated, intestinal peristalsis will slow down. Exhaust is a sign of the recovery of intestinal function. After exhaust, new mothers can eat normally, get better nutrition, and provide better milk for their babies.

Within six hours after cesarean section, doctors will tell new mothers to fast strictly. If thirsty, the new mother can regularly drink half a spoonful of water to alleviate it. At this time, if the baby is hungry, the new mother should feed the precious colostrum to the baby as soon as possible. And baby sucking nipples can also help new mothers contract uterus, reduce uterine bleeding, and accelerate wound recovery.

If 6-8 hours after delivery, the new mother has not exhausted, she can eat a small amount of lotus root powder or rice soup and other liquid food several times. This helps to promote the recovery of gastrointestinal function and accelerate exhaust.

Early postpartum activities

24 hours after cesarean section, the new mother can get out of bed as soon as possible with the help of nurses or family members, which will be helpful for postpartum exhaust and physical recovery. The new mother can stand for a while or take a few steps slowly, practicing three to four times a day. If there is dizziness or blackening in front of the eyes, which may be caused by low blood pressure, the new mother can get up after a little rest to adapt to the activities of getting out of bed. If you really can’t get out of bed to stand or walk, you can turn over more in bed, which is also an activity. These are conducive to the recovery of gastrointestinal function of new mothers as soon as possible, promote blood circulation, make wound healing faster, not only conducive to exhaust, but also to prevent visceral organ adhesion.

Pay attention to diet after delivery

Six hours after cesarean section, new mothers can eat some exhaust foods, such as radish soup, to enhance intestinal peristalsis, whether or not they exhaust. This is conducive to promoting exhaust and reducing abdominal distension. However, new mothers should not eat foods that are easy to ferment and produce more gas, such as sugar, soybeans, soymilk and starch, in order to prevent abdominal distension. The new mother’s postpartum diet should be light and less salt, do not immediately supplement, such as chicken soup, crucian carp soup and other greasy meat soup and lactating food, these are not conducive to wound healing. New mothers can eat some food such as egg soup, rice porridge and noodles first, and then slowly resume their diet. Appropriate supplements should be taken after 7-10 days. 72 hours after cesarean section, new mothers can eat Yuezi soup, such as pigeon soup, black chicken soup, black fish soup, pig’s hoof soup, which can not only help the recovery of body function, but also help to produce milk. But remember to skip the fat floating on it. High fat soup not only easily affects the appetite and body shape of new mothers, but also increases the fat content of breast milk. Neonates are prone to intolerance, difficult to absorb, and easy to accumulate food.

At the same time, new mothers should pay attention to drinking more water. Within three to five days after delivery, the new mother’s body is still weak, the wound is still painful, and there may be constipation and swelling, which is caused by anesthesia. It is necessary to drink plenty of water. New mothers can drink some hot tea and water not less than room temperature to promote intestinal peristalsis. New mothers should try to adhere to normal work and rest, timely urination and defecation, so as not to cause urinary retention and constipation.

Pay attention to cleanliness after delivery

The old saying that you can’t wash your hair after delivery has long been proved to be unscientific. Especially since summer has arrived, new mothers can’t bear not to wash their hair or take a bath. In summer, new mothers sweat easily and bacteria breed more easily. Therefore, it is very important to do a good job of sanitation and cleaning. Normally, a new mother who has a caesarean section can wash her hair in a week. Of course, it’s better to wash it 10 days after delivery, because it usually takes a week for a cesarean section wound to heal basically. Of course, the exact day to wash depends on the new mother’s physical condition and recovery.


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