Although the weather has gradually become warmer, there are many Baoma just in the spring puerperal period, but it should be noted that the spring return of humidity weather – back to the south, mainly because the cold air left, the warm and humid air flow quickly counterattack, resulting in temperature rise, increased air humidity, some cold objects encountered warm surface After wet gas flow, water droplets are easily generated.

The phenomenon of returning to the south is more serious in the south, which is related to the southern sea and the humid air. “Back to the South” appeared, the air humidity is close to saturation, the walls and even the ground will be “water”, everywhere is wet scene, the air seems to be able to wring water out. So what do we need to pay attention to during the puerperium in the weather of returning to the south? Now come with me to have a look.

1. when ventilation, we should pay attention to closing the windows sooner or later.

Most Bao moms open their windows every day during puerperium to keep the air flowing, but when wet weather returns, Bao moms should remember to close the windows facing south and Southeast and not give any chance to sneak in the wet air out of the windows. The most important period of moisture-proof is in the morning and evening of each day, during which the air humidity is higher than that at noon. If the doors and windows are not closed in time, the water vapor will seriously penetrate into every corner of the house. In addition, if you feel that the door and window are closed so that the indoor air can not flow, it is recommended that Bao mama at noon a short time to open the window ventilation.

2., keep warm.

Wet and foggy weather is easy to cause rheumatism, joint pain, muscle pain recurrence, but also easy to cause upper respiratory tract infections, tonsillitis and other diseases, so for the body has not yet fully recovered Baoma, usually pay attention to warm, prevent cold.

3. cleaning care can not be less

Wet weather is also eczema, chapped, dermatitis, beriberi and other skin diseases frequently occur season, appear “back to the South day” phenomenon, the weather is cloudy and sunny, misty, cold and hot, wind speed is small, dust, humidity, especially easy to breed bacteria, the human skin is easy to allergy, acne, and even produce Tinea, eczema and so on. During the month Baoma sweats more, exercises less, more easily breeding bacteria, so daily skin cleaning care can not be less.

4. keep indoors dry and safe.

Faced with dampness, Bao mothers can also put some hygroscopic desiccant boxes around the house, such as wardrobes and lockers, to a certain extent, to maintain the dryness of clothes, effectively prevent food from mildewing and so on, which also helps Bao mothers to spend a little easier “back to the south”. And the ground caused by the phenomenon of moisture will often appear slippery phenomenon, Bao mothers remember to wear slippery shoes to prevent falling down, to instruct their families to do a good job of moisture-proof measures, keep the floor and room dry.

5. drink more water.

Postpartum mothers are sweating much. Don’t forget to drink plenty of soup and replenish water. In the humid weather of returning to the south, not only the air is humid, but also easy to mold. After sweating, the clothes should be changed in time. After breast feeding, you should also remember to clean the breasts in time to prevent bacterial invasion.


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