I suddenly felt a itching sensation in my private area while going out, but due to the crowd and not daring to reach out and scratch, I had to wriggle around in the chair. Enduring itching and having to smile and find other reasons to prevaricate, such awkwardness should have been encountered by many women. Privately itching accompanied by abnormal vaginal discharge is generally a manifestation of gynecological inflammation in women with vaginal infections, and some people may continue to relapse after undergoing treatment. In response to this problem, lactic acid suppositories may be chosen as an “assistant” to improve the problem.

1. Maintain the dominant position of lactobacilli

The female vagina is a place where many bacterial communities live together, and these bacterial communities grow and reproduce independently, constraining each other to maintain balance and ensure the harmony of the female vaginal environment. One of the beneficial bacteria is Lactobacillus, which plays a crucial role in maintaining vaginal self-cleaning function and anti infection processes, and accounts for a large proportion of the vaginal microbiota. When a certain other microbiota is excessively reduced or increased, the number of lactobacilli will also be affected, resulting in an imbalance in the proportion of the microbiota, leading to vaginitis.

People like the following are easily troubled by vaginitis:

(1) Women who need to take antibiotics for a long time: Antibiotics can also eliminate beneficial bacteria during the process of “killing” bacteria, causing damage to the bacterial community environment and easily causing vaginal infections.

(2) Women after menstruation or sexual intercourse: The vaginal environment of women is weakly acidic in a healthy state, and the alkalinity of blood and sperm can easily break the weakly acidic environment of the female vagina, which is not conducive to the growth of beneficial bacteria, and the self defense function of the vagina will also decrease.

(3) Female friends who work overtime for a long time and stay up late with high mental pressure: Excessive stress can easily lead to a decrease in immunity, weakened vaginal “self-cleaning” function, and foreign bacteria “invading” can easily cause inflammation.

Therefore, female friends need to pay more attention to this sensitive and secret area, and pay more attention to their physical and mental health in daily life in order to keep it in good condition.

2. This is necessary to improve recurrent vaginal infections

If some women have already been infected with recurrent vaginal infections, there is no need to be too nervous. The following simple methods can help improve and prevent the recurrence of vaginitis:

(1) Reduce the use of antibiotics. Maintain a regular and healthy diet in daily life, set aside enough time for exercise every day, go to bed on time, and ensure sufficient sleep.

(2) Wash and change your intimate underwear frequently, and choose breathable cotton underwear when purchasing underwear.

(3) Whether it’s work or life, learn some ways to regulate emotions, such as meditation, mindfulness, etc., learn to handle difficulties in interpersonal communication, and view oneself correctly.

(4) After menstruation or sexual intercourse, lactic acid suppositories can be used to help restore a weakly acidic vaginal environment. Vagisan Huilan Lactic Acid Suppository is recommended here, with mild and safe ingredients. It can also be used by mothers with babies.

3. How to choose lactic acid suppositories

There are many different brands of lactic acid suppositories on the market, and even large brand lactic acid suppositories have many counterfeit products. The purchasing strategy can consider these aspects:

(1) Maximum safety: The private area is a very fragile area, and any product used in this area should be treated with caution. It is necessary to purchase legitimate brand lactic acid suppositories through legitimate channels and choose those that have been inspected and certified by professional institutions. Check the product ingredients to see if they are mild and if there are any allergenic ingredients.

(2) Yes or No: Before choosing lactic acid suppositories, we can first understand what components are generally contained in lactic acid suppositories? Why can these ingredients alleviate this symptom? After consulting the materials, female friends can have a reference and evaluation standard in their hearts when making purchases. After buying it, do a sensitivity test first. If there are any discomfort reactions, stop using it immediately.

(3) Humanized product design: Try to make independent packaging, small and convenient to carry lactic acid suppositories the first choice. It is not recommended to choose lactic acid suppositories that require more auxiliary tools. One reason is that cleaning aids can reduce the convenience of use, and the other reason is that improper cleaning can also pose a safety risk of bacterial infections. So, when choosing lactic acid suppositories, remember to follow the less is more principle.

I hope every female friend, whether in work or family, can cherish and cherish themselves while dedicating themselves wholeheartedly!

Vagisan Huilan originated in Germany and is committed to helping every female friend take care of their private parts. Vagisan Cymbidium Lactic Acid Suppository is a water-soluble suppository that contains natural lactic acid and is not irritating. Carry a few individually packaged Vagisan Huilan lactic acid suppositories with you when traveling or on business, which can safely and hygienic maintain personal health when going out.

Vagisan Huilan Lactic Acid Suppository does not contain hormones and can be used with peace of mind during preparation, pregnancy, or lactation. The lactic acid it contains can rapidly and persistently acidify, restore and maintain the natural pH value of the vagina, which is conducive to the growth and reproduction of lactobacilli. And it can also inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria, helping to form natural barriers against infection.

I believe Vagisan Huilan can accompany you and work together to maintain the health of your private area!


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