When it comes to summer, all we can think of is watermelon, cicadas chirping, and the beach Who doesn’t love the blazing brightness of summer. But the hot and humid summer can also make people feel anxious and may also affect women’s private health. Private areas can easily sweat and have unpleasant odors, dryness, itching, and unbearable dampness due to long-term wrapping in summer. Although women’s vagina usually maintains a certain level of wetness, changes in hormone levels or mood fluctuations can also easily cause dryness in the private area. To alleviate this problem, women will choose some private care products, such as moisturizing suppositories. How do you choose moisturizing suppositories? What should women pay attention to when choosing?

1. Safety is the guarantee

When choosing any product, whether it is safe and harmful to human health will make every consumer carefully select and identify it. When choosing a personal care product, women can check the ingredient list and pay attention to whether it contains ingredients that may pose a potential threat to the human body, such as irritating preservatives, allergens, glucocorticoids, and sex hormones. If you encounter a name that you are not familiar with, you can search for relevant information online or find a professional testing agency to conduct ingredient testing.

In addition, women also need to pay attention to the production date, shelf life, and genuine product logo. It is best not to use private care products that are close to their shelf life; Choose to purchase products from official flagship stores instead of purchasing through other channels in order to avoid buying fake products. In short, there is always no harm in being cautious before making a purchase. This is responsible for oneself and for one’s personal health.

2. Effectiveness is the purpose of selection

The moisturizing effect is an important criterion for measuring a good moisturizing suppository. Women can read the evaluation of related moisturizing suppositories on some media platforms, browse how others evaluate this type of moisturizing suppositories or the introduction of such products by relevant professionals, and learn about the effects and usage experiences of different brands of moisturizing suppositories through different channels, which can better help women choose. Brands can sometimes serve as a basis for selection, and private care products produced by large and legitimate brands are generally more professional and have safer ingredients than small brands.

In addition, the effectiveness of moisturizing suppositories is based on the absence of side effects and adverse reactions. Women should not choose moisturizing suppositories that stimulate or have a strange feeling to their private parts.

With the popularization of the concept of female private care, pH value has become a concern for women when choosing private care products. The pH value of a healthy woman’s private area should be between 3.8 and 4.2, belonging to a weakly acidic environment. In this environment, lactobacilli that are beneficial to the private area can reproduce and grow, inhibit harmful bacteria, and protect the health of our private area. Moisturizing and moisturizing suppositories should not damage the weak acidic environment of the private area beyond their moisturizing effect. Therefore, women should choose nursing products with a pH value close to the normal pH value of the private area when choosing moisturizing and moisturizing suppositories.

3. Convenience of use

Most of the moisturizing suppositories are based on lotion. If the fluidity is too strong and the consistency is not high enough, the moisturizing suppositories will easily flow out of the body, which will not only wet the clothes close to the body, but also reduce its effect. Women can choose cream, lotion or gel according to their own preferences.

Secondly, women should also consider whether the operation is convenient; Is there any auxiliary tools available; Does the packaging occupy a large space; If going out, is it convenient to carry. There are both internal and external products related to moisturizing suppositories on the market. If you can choose a product that combines internal and external use, the effect may be better.

Some women may say they are “clumsy” and don’t know how to use moisturizing suppositories. When choosing, women can look at its operation method and choose a simple moisturizing suppositories. For products with auxiliary tools, women must pay attention to cleaning the auxiliary tools to prevent the growth of foreign bacteria. At present, most moisturizing suppositories on the market are made with convenience in mind. They will be packaged separately to meet the needs of women who can use them anytime, anywhere.

Choose a good moisturizing suppository as a gift to give to yourself, to “protect” the softness of your private skin.

Vagisan Huilan Moisturizing Suppository can effectively alleviate the problem of dryness in private areas. This is a water-soluble suppository that can melt with body temperature to form a smooth soothing cream in the vagina, which can soothe the vaginal skin and keep it soft and moist. There is no age limit for its use, and it does not contain hormones. It can also be used during lactation without worrying about affecting lactation; Easy to use, without the need for auxiliary boosters; And it is packaged separately, making it more convenient to carry during travel.

All Vagisan Huilan products are developed and produced in Germany. Our own research team has always maintained close cooperation with various research institutions and universities, ensuring that all Vagisan Huilan products undergo rigorous scientific testing.


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