When a mother is a sweet burden, from the beginning of pregnancy to accept all kinds of discomfort, thought that after unloading is relaxed, who knows, postpartum is the beginning of a variety of “moon sickness”, for example, postpartum “mother’s hand” this grinding goblin, what should I do with you?

About postpartum “Mom hand”, I believe many new mothers will not be strange. Whether it’s a housewife or a star singer, everyone will meet. Recently, Xiong Dailin, who had just given birth, was photographed by a journalist to go out for medical treatment. She recovered well, but her hands were wrapped in gauze. When asked why, she smiled and answered, “Mom’s hand.” I have to say, even the big stars can not escape this month’s illness, raising a baby is not easy, not easy to be a mother, and can and cherish.

Scientific explanation: what is “Mama’s hand”?

Mother’s hand is a kind of tenosynovitis, also known as stenosing tenosynovitis, is a common tenosynovitis disease. The extensor pollicis brevis and the extensor pollicis longus tendon sheath are called stenosing tenosynovitis of the styloid process of the radius; the flexor tendons of the thumb or finger are called trigger fingers.

Many mothers who have given birth to their babies will have their “mother” hands when they look after their babies. Why does Mom appear? This is because long-term postpartum holding the baby with the hand, resulting in excessive friction tendon and tendon sheath, tendon and tendon sheath will appear congestion, edema, exudation and other aseptic inflammation, manifested by local pain and limited activity, the most common is when the puerpera picks up the baby, wrist pain will be intense.

How to save you, my postnatal “mother hand”

For this kind of hand inflammation, there is no good treatment now, the first choice is conservative treatment, mainly to reduce activity, ice compress, intrathecal steroid injection also has a better effect.

Bubble hot water

Let the whole hand soak in hot water for about 20 minutes and the temperature of the bath water. After soaking hot water, raise your hands higher than your heart. Grasp your fingers several times to promote blood circulation. It can take away some inflammatory substances from the affected part and help to reduce swelling and improve the pain in your hands.

Hold the baby in moderation.

As a new mother, I can’t wait to hold the baby 24 hours a day, nurse the baby, look like I can’t even hold it for others. Here, to remind you, not too much time after childbirth to hold the child in person, because the body has not recovered, holding the child for a long time is still more strenuous, but also need to change diapers, so, a lot of chores, your hands really not enough. Therefore, the “heavy work” of holding a doll should be handed over to the family, and the new mother should hold the doll properly so that her hands can get a full rest.

Pay attention to work and rest.

It’s really a “rough job” to take care of a new baby. It’s not easy for her baby to eat, drink and sleep. Therefore, the new mother should not do everything by herself. She should pay attention to the combination of work and leisure and reduce the time to hold the baby. In addition, we should reduce the time to play with mobile phones, computers and keyboards, so that the wrist has a full rest before recovery is possible.

You can buy a nursing pillow.

When mothers are feeding their newborns, usually 2-3 hours a time, the number of times, holding the baby’s time is also more, if holding the baby for a long time in the same position, then it will certainly be sore back. At this point, you can use a breast-feeding pillow, let the baby lie naturally on the breast-feeding pillow, liberate the mother’s hands, effectively alleviate the fatigue of arm embrace, thereby preventing the mother’s hands after childbirth.

Don’t crush the pain area.

Some mothers think that the mother’s hand and ordinary hand pain, pain, ruthlessly massage patience is good, in fact, this is not scientific. If too hard to massage the affected area, it will not only be painful but also cause inflammation. You can apply some oil and safflower oil to the affected area to gently massage until you feel a slight fever.

Pay attention to the warmth of your hands.

New mothers in the month to pay more attention to hand warmth, avoid cold stimulation, do not give mothers sick “hand” to take advantage of.

Easy rehabilitation at home

Stretch exercise: When your wrist feels sore and distensible, shake your hands and turn left and right, not only to eliminate discomfort, but also exercise wrist flexibility, but also help stimulate the activity of hand cells, thereby reducing inflammation. It is worth noting that when doing stretching exercises, be careful not to overuse your hands.

Thumb strength training: the practice is relatively simple, take the rubber band to stretch the five fingers movement, the thumb to pull up the rubber band to do the turtle warping movement, the thumb to pull out the rubber band to do the turtle warping movement. The above training methods are practiced 20 times each time and repeated 2 to 3 times. Attention should be paid to adjust according to individual conditions.

Strengthen the strength of the wrist: put the arm on the table, thumb upward, wrist part suspension upward movement, arm on the table, arm upward, wrist part suspension upward movement, this movement is also to be practiced according to individual circumstances, not blindly.


If the pain is serious, you need to consult a doctor. Can be used to physiotherapy department of various therapeutic heat sources, light source of the affected area of irradiation treatment, which can speed up the recovery of tenosynovitis.


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