They say it’s not easy to get along with my mother-in-law

But if there’s an OCD mother-in-law at home

It’s too tired to love

In fact, the so-called Virgo mother-in-law, the so-called obsessive-compulsive disorder, to put it bluntly, is to pay attention to everything.

As long as you are human, you don’t love others to read about you and point out your small mistakes.

However, from another perspective, most of them are harmless, and they are more right about things than people. The mother-in-law who loves cleanliness will dislike your sloppiness, but will tidy up the house, so that you can rest assured that she will take care of your children; I love your mother-in-law who “guides” you and cares about your affairs, but I will also pay more attention to you

It’s not easy to get along with a mother-in-law who is too fastidious, but she will be more demanding and principled in doing things and taking care of children. Often you will be more assured that she will take care of things at home and take care of children.

In short, the only secret to get along with Virgo mothers-in-law is big heart! If you are careless and listen to her nagging, you can still get along; If you are sensitive, you may be more comfortable with each other if you live separately.


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