Full time mothers are also colorful

Some people may wonder how regretful, depraved, and empty it is to have a good PhD who doesn’t work and works as a housewife at home. No matter what people think of a PhD as a full-time housewife, many mothers are very clear in their hearts that they fundamentally refuse to be a full-time housewife. The current situation is purely for coping with life. My husband is busy, and my child has a lot of things to do. If my mother doesn’t put in some effort to manage her child, it’s like apologizing to the heavens and apologizing to the middle-aged and young children at home.

Some female friends have revealed to me that although they also want to be a full-time wife, they lack confidence and courage. For friends like this, I would like to suggest that if you can still handle life, go to work instead. Especially for those young unmarried women, it’s best not to have such plans now.

Nevertheless, being a full-time mother is not a disastrous choice. However, not all women need to be full-time mothers, and not all women can be good full-time mothers. Outsiders see full-time mothers wandering around the house every day, it must be very empty and boring. Actually, that’s not the case. In fact, as long as family life and personal education plans are well arranged, the life of a full-time mother can still be enjoyable and colorful.

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