Many new mothers always have headaches after giving birth to children, which makes them very upset. What exactly is postpartum headache? What are the ways to prevent or relieve postpartum headache?

1、 About postpartum headache, western medicine says

Reason 1: Changes in hormones

During pregnancy, the hormones in women’s body will increase significantly, while after childbirth, they will drop sharply in a short time. This kind of change, like a roller coaster, makes the new mother unable to adapt, thus causing headaches.

[Method] If it is caused by this reason, the new mother need not be too nervous. Relaxing is the most effective way. If the pain is really unbearable, you can also take some painkillers.    

Cause 2: Operation

If the new mother chooses to have a caesarean section, she needs to undergo regional (i.e. half body) anesthesia and inject anesthetic drugs into her body through spinal needle. If cerebrospinal fluid leaks out after dura mater puncture during this period, it will cause headache, and this phenomenon is more likely to occur in young new mothers. Generally speaking, the more serious the leakage of cerebrospinal fluid and the larger the puncture hole, the more severe the headache. However, postpartum headache caused by this reason is not common.

[Methods] New mothers need to stay in bed more, try to get out of bed less, drink more water or use intravenous infusion of physiological saline to promote the metabolism of anesthetics and relieve headache symptoms.  


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