When a woman is pregnant and has children, she will be pregnant for three years in addition to three years. Why? In addition to the hormonal changes in the postpartum mother, the elastin gradually disappears, the skin becomes loose, the figure is out of shape and fat, and there is no mind to maintain, the most important reason is: lack of sleep!

I. without beauty sleep, how can you have a beautiful face

Let’s look at some numbers first:

Nearly two-thirds of the women surveyed believe that good sleep is closely related to maintaining beautiful skin;

More than 90% of Asian women believe that good sleep is closely related to maintaining beautiful skin;

74% of the women surveyed wanted to sleep longer;

77% of women worldwide believe that lack of sleep is the cause of early aging.

Second, when a mother, only lack of sleep and more lack of sleep!

Since becoming a mother, no one can guarantee that they can sleep six hours a day, including sometimes a rare lunch break.

Night milk

The desire to get a full sleep is a luxury. Night milk is needed at least every 2 hours, and this needs to last at least after the age of 1 year

Easy to wake up

Children are like an uncontrolled alarm clock. They can’t sleep normally at night. I can’t remember how many nights I was awakened by the baby’s cry, and then I kept sleeping and hugging

Difficult to handle

If the baby doesn’t pay attention, it’s definitely a nightmare for mothers to stay awake all night.


Coax the baby to sleep, often coax himself to sleep, wake up suddenly in the middle of the night, and realize that there are still a lot of things to do: clean up toys, clean up pots and bowls, clean the house, take a bath and wash your face

Get up early

There is a treasure at home. You get up earlier than the chicken every day. When the morning comes, I still vaguely miss the tranquility after sleeping the baby last night, and then I will be awakened by the baby with infinite energy

Lack of sleep for a long time makes women who are mothers have poor sleep, anxiety and fatigue, prone to acne, swollen eyes, lax eyes and low efficiency. In a word, they feel that their bodies are hollowed out.

Therefore, mothers often lament that being a mother is turning themselves from a girl into an aunt!

Skin aging accelerated and became the “yellow faced woman” in people’s eyes;

Mental weakness has become the “female nerve” in people’s mouth;

Memory decline, was named “one pregnant silly three years”;

Mood ups and downs, is said to be “early menopausal depression”.

A lack of sleep, the price should be so big!

Therefore, husbands don’t dislike their wives for being sloppy and old!

There are reasons for all the changes. You two didn’t make trouble?! It’s a woman’s nature to bear these, but it’s a man’s responsibility to share them for women.

When you see your wife’s face getting old, skin getting worse and mood getting bad, don’t forget their pay! Share more for them and care more, so that they can get more rest time.


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