At different stages of life, every woman plays different roles:

At first, as the apple of my parents’ eyes, I was cute;

Then, he found a man worthy of trust for life and became his wife;

Then, having a child, becoming a mother, becoming an all-powerful superman, and holding up a blue sky for the family and children.

From then on, work diligently from Monday to Friday; At the weekend, women who are mothers have their own highlights. Now, as a visitor, let me list what mothers are busy with on weekends.

It is more difficult to be a man than a woman, and it is even more difficult to be a mother. In order to focus on work, some mothers only have time to spend with their children on weekends, and this phenomenon of “weekend mothers” is not uncommon in large cities. “Weekend moms” will cherish the time spent with their children more. They will give the two days to the children completely and use eighteen kinds of martial arts skills to make them happy.

Therefore, the first task of moms on weekends is to accompany, take care of and take care of their children… Of course, in addition to the housework, let the elderly who usually take children take a holiday, have a rest, and maybe have a little time of their own. This is very rare for moms. When children are younger, there is almost no personal time. Let’s look at the time allocation of moms on weekends.   


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