Postpartum lochia is a normal physiological phenomenon of postpartum women. The waste such as blood stasis and mucus discharged from vagina will last for three weeks, but it also needs to be different depending on the individual’s constitution. There are many things to pay attention to for the new mother after childbirth. You may be busy taking care of your baby and neglect your body, or you may be upset and repel the “endless” lochia. During the lochia period, your body needs special care. In addition to adjusting your mind to help lochia discharge as soon as possible, you can also eat some warm tonic food, because eating warm tonic food after childbirth is also conducive to the recovery of postnatal laceration. In fact, according to normal, lochia is a normal physiological phenomenon, and the puerpera will discharge lochia in the body, which is also beneficial to the puerpera It’s very beneficial.

Of course, foxes in the period of evil dew are particularly important. Because normal lochia has a bloody smell, but it doesn’t stink. If you don’t pay attention to sanitation at this time, it is likely to lead to gynecological diseases or endless lochia. Therefore, you should pay attention to——

Three steps of postpartum private nursing

1. The first step of postpartum private care is to select professional sanitary napkin for the puerperal, instead of ordinary sanitary napkin, because it will slow down the healing of the wound after childbirth.

2. Keep the private place clean after delivery, change underwear frequently, and carry out daily cleaning and nursing work after the wound is removed, so as to avoid using alkaline soap to clean the vagina.

3. If there is obvious pain or abnormal secretion in private wound, it should be checked in hospital in time.

Postpartum private care should start with the selection of the maternity sanitary napkin. After the delivery of the baby, the mother begins to discharge the lochia. The amount of lochia is large. In order to avoid the infection of the vagina, it is necessary for the mother to select a professional maternity sanitary napkin

Why to use maternity sanitary napkin?

1. The skin of the mother’s perineum is highly sensitive after childbirth. The common sanitary napkin is designed with wings. After giving birth to a baby, using the sanitary napkin with wings will feel that both sides are not soft enough, and the friction between the sanitary napkin and the perineum will cause pain.

2. The amount of lochia after childbirth is generally larger than that of menstruation, and the water absorption of maternity sanitary napkin is stronger than that of ordinary sanitary napkin. Generally, there are three types of maternity sanitary napkin s / M / L, which can be selected according to the amount of lochia after childbirth.


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