Breast milk is the most natural, safe and complete natural food in the early growth of infants. It contains all the nutrients and antibodies needed for the growth of infants. Moreover, the intimate contact and parent-child relationship of breastfeeding can stimulate the brain and mental development of infants. Then, can I continue to lactation after menstruation?

There is a popular saying that after menstruation, breast milk will become nutritious, even toxic to the baby, must be weaned. In fact, this statement is not scientific. Why?

After the onset of menstruation, the quality of milk will not change.

Under normal circumstances, 11 to 4 months after delivery, the best quality of breast milk, can meet all the nutrition of infant early growth. But postpartum menstrual rebirth time also varies according to individual differences, generally speaking, no breast-feeding new mothers in the postpartum 3 months, the regular leave will report, and breast-feeding mothers, the recovery of regular leave and ovulation will generally be later, about 4-6 months after delivery.

After menstruation, the quality of milk does not actually deteriorate, but it will be more concentrated than usual, the quality of milk protein and fat also slightly changed, the content of protein is higher, the content of fat is lower. This milk can sometimes cause indigestion symptoms in infants, but this is a temporary phenomenon, after menopause, it will return to normal.

To avoid concentrating and changing the composition of milk, mothers can drink more boiled water during the menstrual period and eat more fish, milk, poultry and vegetable soup. Below we recommend a few recipes to the reference of the mothers.

Recommended recipes for improving milk quality during menstruation

Bean curd soup with crucian carp

Materials: 2 Carassius auratus, 1 tofu, 4 ginger, 2 coriander, and salt and white pepper.

Practice: Carassius auratus scaling clean, boiling water into a half teaspoon of salt, tofu into a minute after boiling, cut into small pieces; pot oil, slightly heated into ginger slices, the fish into two sides fried golden yellow; soup pot into a moderate amount of water, after the fire will be fried with ginger slices into the fish, keep the fire; When the color turns white, add tofu cubes and continue to boil for 10 minutes. Add white pepper. When the soup is as white as milk, turn off the heat. Add salt and coriander.

Assorted fish congee

Materials: 1 Carassius auratus, 20 grams of corn, 10 grams of rice, 2 Cherry Tomatoes and 1 ginger.

Practice: Carassius auratus scaling clean, drain excess water for reserve; hot pot oil will be slightly decocted on both sides of the Yellow crucian carp; soup pot with water, ginger slices, fried fish fire boiled milky white thick soup; fish soup filtered out, add clean rice, corn boiled into a six-point thick porridge; Saint Girl fruit scalding cut Small pieces, cooked in porridge.

Tea straw mushroom and kelp soup

Ingredients: 200 grams of spareribs, 100 grams of kelp, 100 grams of Agrocybe, 50 grams of peanuts, 2 pieces of ginger, and the right amount of salt.

Practice: Wash the ribs clean, cut them into pieces, put them in boiling water and blanch them slightly, then remove them, drain the water; scrub the kelp clean, cut them into moderate pieces; wash the tea tree mushroom clean, remove the old roots, cut them into small pieces; wash the peanuts, soak them in clear water for about 30 minutes; put the ribs in a soup pot, put them into ginger slices. Tea tree mushrooms, kelp and peanuts, pour in some water, boil on high fire, change to small fire boil for 2 hours, and then mix with salt.

[editor summary]

Therefore, no matter whether it is in menstrual period or after menstrual period, there is no need to stop feeding. When menstruation comes, although breast-feeding mothers will reduce the amount of milk, but as long as pay attention to diet, the baby is still not too big impact. And if the sudden cessation of breast feeding, on the one hand, is not conducive to the baby’s feeding; on the other hand, due to the sudden cessation of breast feeding lead to milk, breast swelling and pain into lumps, when the time comes to feed the baby will be more painful. Therefore, when menstruation more need to drink soup, promote the secretion of milk supplementary nutrition is the best policy.


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