Often heard, menstrual period can not eat chocolate, said to aggravate dysmenorrhea. I don’t know if many new moms are the same: I just love sweets. Don’t make me stop. On the other hand, I also feel that eating sweets during menstruation can regulate my mood and relieve dysmenorrhea. But which is true?

Menstruation is a kind of physiological phenomenon that women can’t do normally. Many women don’t like to avoid eating when they are in menstruation. They can eat whatever they want, and chocolate is no exception.

Can menstruation eat chocolate?

The answer is yes.

The phenol compound contained in chocolate can help increase the antioxidants in the blood and promote the circulation of blood, so as to reduce menstrual discomfort.

During menstruation, new mothers are prone to fatigue and weakness. And chocolate is rich in carbohydrates, fat, protein and a variety of minerals, and the human body is easy to absorb, supplement physical strength. And the sugar in chocolate can improve the excitement of human brain, so as to alleviate the depression during menstruation.

Therefore, it is beneficial for new mothers to eat some chocolate properly during menstruation, but remember not to eat more.

How to say, chocolate is also a high calorie food. Although you can eat chocolate during the physiological period, you will grow fat if you eat more. And if one-time intake of excessive words, not only gain weight, but also lead to blood sugar rise, blood sugar rise will stimulate a large number of insulin secretion, blood sugar is reduced. If the blood sugar drops instantly, it will stimulate the appetite, and the appetite will increase greatly, so

So the conclusion is, yes, but don’t eat too much.

New mothers can also try homemade chocolate:

1. Preparation materials, including 200g of chocolate, 100g of light cream, 50g of butter and proper amount of cocoa powder.

2. Cut the chocolate into small pieces and put it into a moderately sized container (iron basin or bowl).

3. Then heat half a pot of water in the pan. After heating, put the iron bowl with chocolate on the water.

4. Stir while heating until the chocolate completely melts.

5. Then add butter and light cream, and stir well after melting.

6. Find a square container, pour all the chocolate into it and let it cool. After cooling, refrigerate for 2-3 hours.

In fact, this is the end of the process. When the new mother wants to eat, she can take out the chocolate in the refrigerator, cut it into pieces with a heated knife according to her own needs, and sprinkle with cocoa powder.


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