During menstruation, many women will experience menstrual spasm, which is called dysmenorrhea in medicine. Dysmenorrhea can last several hours or a whole day, and in some cases affect daily physical activity. So it is said that contraceptives can alleviate dysmenorrhea. Is there a scientific basis for this?

The picture material comes from Huagai

They say contraceptives can relieve pain. Do you believe it?

Yun mm, 20, was particularly afraid of those days every month. Every time she was in pain and sweating. Therefore, her friends around gave her suggestions: some suggested that she apply a hot water bag to her abdomen, some suggested that she stay in bed for a few days, and others said that taking contraceptives had the most obvious effect on relieving pain. This made her feel puzzled. Is it true that contraceptives can relieve aunt’s pain?

Every woman has experienced dysmenorrhea, light or heavy. Some people feel the same pain during dysmenorrhea as the labor pains during delivery. According to the doctor’s explanation, “most dysmenorrhea is caused by prostaglandins acting on the uterus, resulting in vagus nerve reflex.” but it may also be an alarm for organic lesions of reproductive organs; Oral short acting contraceptives are indeed a magic weapon for analgesia with relatively small side effects.


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