Netizen Xin mother wants to pull out the rotten teeth during pregnancy, so as not to be able to pull out the teeth if pregnant. But just ready to go to the hospital registration was pulled back by my mother-in-law to teach a lesson, mother-in-law said that during menstruation, can not go to tooth extraction, will not only bleeding. After hearing this, Xin Ma was puzzled but did not dare to go against her parents’ wishes. Should tooth extraction be postponed during menstruation? To solve this problem, I will discuss it with you.

Does menstrual period refuse dentist? Say yes at home say no abroad

Picture material from Huagai

According to the domestic oral and maxillofacial surgery textbooks, it is suggested that women should wait until their menstruation is clean before tooth extraction or other operations. What they are worried about is the increase of postoperative bleeding or even blood flow. But there are different voices in foreign countries, which think it is a wrong understanding and lack of scientific basis.

According to the domestic medical books, tooth extraction in menstrual period is likely to occur compensatory bleeding, which is generally considered to be postponed. But if necessary, simple extraction can still be carried out, but pay attention to prevent bleeding.

According to the American Dental Association, there is a literature in the Journal of the American Dental Association (Jada) that suggests that “the amount of bleeding of menstrual women increases significantly after surgery” is a misconception. It is said that the academic community has different opinions on how long bleeding will take after tooth extraction. It is estimated that it will take 30 minutes to 24 hours. Therefore, the length of time is difficult to compare, and the definition of what is “normal” is also subjective. According to the authors of the literature, no published studies have shown that oral surgery in menstrual period can significantly prolong bleeding time; estrogen can increase bleeding of surgical wound, but the increase is not significant, so it is not impossible to operate. The authors conclude that there is no scientific basis for significantly prolonged bleeding in women who have undergone alveolar surgery during their menstrual period.


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