Many moms think that lactation does not come menstruation, but it is not absolute. Generally speaking, mothers who do not breast feed usually have “old friends” 6-10 weeks after delivery. The recovery time of lactating mother’s menstruation is generally delayed, and some lactation period has not come to menstruation. But many mothers have menstruation during lactation. Can lactation come menstruation to affect milk?

1、 Lactation to menstruation, my mother-in-law does not allow me to breast-feeding

Can lactation come menstruation to affect milk? This is what netizen Ding Ding is most concerned about now.

Ding Ding said: five months after giving birth, I always insist on breast-feeding, but recently I had menstruation. I thought it would be OK, and I fed my baby normally. My careful mother-in-law found that I had bought sanitary napkins recently, so she asked me if I had menstruation. I nodded, of course. The old lady said to me seriously, “then don’t feed the baby. Now the milk is dirty and nutritious. The baby ate bad food. “

I was shocked at that time! Is that true? There is no nutrition in my milk. Can’t other moms come to my aunt during the whole lactation period? Or my aunt won’t feed me when she comes? So do some moms who breast feed until they are two years old. Full of questions, mixed with a little anger, in view of her mother-in-law is an elder, also did not refute her, it seems to have a good science with her.


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