Menstrual period is a period when women’s body and emotions are more sensitive and fragile. Some mothers, after more than a month of production, have experienced a comeback of menstruation. At this time, whether in the diet, work and rest or other details of life need to be extra careful care.

If you don’t pay attention, you may cause an unexpected injury to your body. For example, wearing tight underwear during the menstrual period, easy to make menstrual flow obstructed, and remove underwear when pelvic and abdominal pressure mutation, resulting in menstrual reflux, resulting in menstrual abdominal pain, low back pain, ovarian endometriosis, serious infertility may lead to.

So, for the sake of health, don’t dress casually during the menstrual period. There’s a lot of knowledge in it.

Menstrual period dressing rule: two suitable four taboo

1, Yi Qin changes underwear.

Normally speaking, there are no special circumstances in peacetime, underwear are worn all day, until the bath time to replace. But pay attention during the menstrual period, although the underwear is pasted with sanitary towels, but because of the humid pubic environment will easily produce some bacteria. These bacteria are susceptible to walking and run to underwear, which means that there are several times more bacteria on the underwear that you wear during the menstrual period than usual. If you wear a pair of underwear all day, the accumulation of bacteria is amazing. For this reason, during menstruation, it is recommended to change underwear frequently.

2, should prepare special underwear for menstrual period.

Some poor-quality sanitary napkins have too much glue on the back, which sticks to the underpants and is difficult to wash away completely from the underpants. Whether this glue is not a harmful substance, it is all artificial chemicals.

If the underwear worn during menstruation is put on during normal wear, the viscose that can be cleaned completely in the future may directly contact the female genitals, so that women are prone to vaginitis or vulvitis and other gynecological diseases. Therefore, it is suggested that several pairs of underwear should be worn during menstrual period and usually wear other underpants.

3, avoid wearing T-shirts during menstruation period.


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