After giving birth to the baby, the new mother begins to enter the lactation period, and the “menstruation” with the new mother for ten months will soon report again. Some new mothers and children come to the door soon after the full moon; And some new mothers have finished giving birth to their children for almost a year, but they still haven’t seen the trace of “menstruation”. When will it be normal?

1、 Can lactation come menstruation?

When will menstruation recover? In fact, menstruation is normal after one month postpartum, and it is also normal to have no menstruation during lactation. There is no exact answer to this question, which varies from person to person.

More than 50% of mummies also have menstruation during lactation

Generally speaking, during lactation, new mothers secrete milk thanks to prolactin. When the baby sucks the breast, it will stimulate the secretion of prolactin, which will inhibit the secretion of estrogen, thus inhibiting the formation of follicles. If the follicles can’t form and row eggs, of course, there will be no menstruation.

But from a medical point of view, the ovaries can ovulate 33 ~ 42 days after delivery. The time of menstrual rehydration is closely related to the number of lactation: the more times of lactation and the longer the time of sucking, the later the time of menstrual rehydration.

Among new mothers who did not breastfeed, 40% resumed ovulation around 6 weeks after delivery. Among new mothers who use breast-feeding, about 25% will resume ovulation and menstruation around 12 weeks postpartum, but most will not fully resume ovulation until 18 weeks.

When studying the new mother’s first menstruation after childbirth, people found a strange phenomenon: although it looks like menstruation, it’s not really menstruation. It turned out that 60% of the people did not ovulate when they first came to menstruation after childbirth. In a strict sense, this is not ovulatory menstruation, that is, it is not real menstruation, but menstrual vaginal bleeding.


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