When menstruation comes, taking a comfortable hot bath can relieve the discomfort brought by your aunt and relax your body and mind. However, when it comes to menstrual bathing, women have an embarrassing problem. I don’t know who to talk to: how to take a bath is the healthiest and far away from gynecological diseases?

In fact, these concerns are very necessary. Women’s vaginal orifice is very close to the urethral orifice. In addition, their resistance is weak during menstruation. If they don’t pay attention, they are really easy to get caught. Mother should take a bath during menstruation in a healthy way:

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Preparation before washing: keep the washing utensils clean

It is important to keep the washing utensils in direct contact with the body clean. We should ensure that the towels and washing utensils used in bathing cannot be mixed with others. Mummies can also clean these washing utensils with detergent before and after bathing.

Avoid fungal infection. When you have tinea pedis at home and yourself, you should pay more attention to cleaning, so as not to cause fungal infection in the genitals.

In addition, keep your hands clean before taking a bath. It’s best to wash your hands with sterilized hand sanitizer to avoid touching the genitals or polluting the washing utensils due to bacteria in your hands.

Bath posture: shower is the healthiest

In primary school, teachers told us that it was best to take a shower or bath during menstruation. Because the endometrium falls off during menstruation, there are wounds in the uterine cavity; Cervical mucus is washed out by menstrual blood, and the cervical mouth is slightly open; There is menstrual blood in the vagina, which is a good culture medium for bacteria. Sewage and bacteria in the vagina may go up to the uterine cavity through the cervical tube and cause infection. Therefore, mothers still have to leave bathing activities during menstruation. If the bathtub is cleaned again, the water quality can not be 100% sterile.

Bath PK shower: I think from the perspective of physical comfort and reducing contact with pollution sources, shower is undoubtedly the best choice.


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