Monthly menstrual visits, menstrual pain is really annoying, low back pain, and sometimes accompanied by various types of physical discomfort, such as physical edema and emotional anxiety. However, with the call of the “open society” of women, people need to pay more attention to this issue. But not everyone can understand that “too delicate!” So, the question is, do women have the right to be delicate during dysmenorrhea?

The picture material comes from Huagai

Zhengfang: how much do you know about my aunt’s pain and my sister’s troubles?

Dysmenorrhea should have more rest. But the time of menstruation is beyond women’s control. It doesn’t happen to catch up with the rest day every time. In an untimely day, dysmenorrhea can worsen. Therefore, in addition to “pain”, women with dysmenorrhea still have a lot of problems.

Netizen “Momo”: how to open your mouth when you eat cold and drink spicy food at a party?

Every time menstruation comes, the intestines and stomach are very fragile, especially if you eat foods that stimulate the intestines and stomach, such as ice drinks, dysmenorrhea will become more serious. Therefore, during menstruation, the most afraid thing is to attend colleagues, classmate gatherings, or social gatherings. It is inevitable to eat stimulating foods such as ice drinks and beer. Every time I want to say no, I don’t say it. First, menstruation is too private, and it’s not easy to say it. Second, I’m afraid it will spoil the interest of others.

Netizen “Weiwei vivi”: seat giving, sports, overtime? Aunt, I still have to do it!

I belong to the type with severe menstrual pain. I feel very weak every time. Especially in the first two days, I feel dizzy with stomachache. But every time I can only cheer up and squeeze the bus to work. In the bus, it’s not easy to squeeze into the position. When you meet the elderly and children, you have to give up your seat. The most terrible thing is that when menstruation comes, the company organizes outdoor sports or overtime. Menstruation is never the reason to ask for leave. I’m also afraid that others will show an expression of “women are really troublesome”, so what about dysmenorrhea? What should we do!

Netizen “raspberry mother loves raspberry”: dysmenorrhea is very tired, children don’t know, men don’t understand

After giving birth to a child, the situation of dysmenorrhea has eased a lot, but there will still be a situation of sour waist and soft legs. Sometimes when I come home from work, the child is not sensible and is always making trouble. My husband doesn’t understand women’s irritability and pain these days. He has no consciousness of helping. He won’t do it if I don’t speak.


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