For women, dysmenorrhea is an unspeakable “pain”. Dysmenorrhea, which has plagued women since menarche, has plagued women for most of their lives, and there is little relief even after childbirth. Every time I come to menstruation, I always have an experience of “ten thousand swords piercing the abdomen”. I have tried hot compress and massage, and the pain has not been alleviated

Most women with dysmenorrhea are abdominal pain caused by the cold of the uterus and poor blood flow. Postpartum dysmenorrhea can be divided into two types. One is primary dysmenorrhea. The main reason is that the uterine mouth is too narrow and the blood clots in the menstrual blood will also cause maternal abdominal pain. The other is secondary dysmenorrhea, which is mostly caused by diseases (endometriosis, pelvic congestion, etc.). In addition to the above, maternal postpartum dysmenorrhea may also be due to severe uterine contraction after caesarean section. If this is the case, postpartum dysmenorrhea will not last long.

No matter what kind of dysmenorrhea, many women will have abdominal pain, backache, fatigue, diarrhea, even headache and nausea to alleviate these discomfort. According to the experience of many netizens in the battle of dysmenorrhea, this problem can be solved from both internal and external aspects.

Try to make your body “hot”

Most women with dysmenorrhea have a cold constitution. In fact, they can adjust their constitution to alleviate dysmenorrhea. It is because of the cold constitution that the blood circulation in the uterus is not smooth, leading to dysmenorrhea. How to solve dysmenorrhea is how to make your body hot! The best way is to strengthen exercise and strengthen immunity. If you really don’t like sports, you can also choose to soak your feet in hot water every night.

Stimulate acupoints and promote blood circulation

There are many acupoints. After hot water stimulates the acupoints, it can accelerate blood circulation and improve metabolism. However, the effect of foot soaking can only be seen after a period of time, so we must insist. Don’t soak for two days and don’t continue if you think it’s useless.

Eat more mild food to relieve pain

Many women are prone to diarrhea during menstruation due to lack of blood gas. During this period, the diet should avoid the intake of cold foods such as cold drinks, do not eat foods with heavy taste (such as foods too sweet or salty), and do not eat foods containing caffeine, because these foods will increase the burden on the intestines and stomach and slow down metabolism. During menstruation, do not eat cold and spicy food with strong irritation. To relieve dysmenorrhea, in addition to drinking more hot water, it is recommended to drink a cup of hot milk with a spoonful of honey every night before going to bed, which can alleviate or even eliminate the pain of dysmenorrhea.

Women must pay attention to going to bed early during menstrual period, avoid staying up late to ensure sleep quality. The phenomenon of headache and fatigue of working women during menstruation will be more obvious. Take care of their body. You might as well take a vacation at this time!

You can’t beat your waist

If you beat the waist during menstruation, it will aggravate pelvic congestion, which is not conducive to the recovery of peeling uterine wounds, resulting in prolonged menstruation.

Finally, I wish the majority of women can say goodbye to the “dysmenorrhea monster” as soon as possible!


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