Menstruation, I am in a bad mood, I am anxious, my back aches! These are the voices of our women, there is no wood? However, this is not a big thing, because it is normal physiological reaction. It’s too big to say, because for the special group of postpartum mothers, this matter should be paid attention to. Postpartum physical aspects plus hormone levels have not yet recovered, postpartum anxiety is very much in favor of new mothers, menstruation is a vulnerable period of new mothers, so don’t let anxiety get entangled in you.

Menstrual fragile new mothers should pay attention to regulating their mood

Menstruation is also the most vulnerable period for women, but with the onset of menstruation, hormone levels gradually recover, symptoms will soon be relieved. Therefore, even women with severe pre-menstrual restlessness symptoms can avoid postpartum anxiety by self-regulation, and survive this “vulnerable period” safely.

In terms of psychological adjustment, we can pay attention to the control of self-emotion when this period is approaching, do more things we are interested in, and make ourselves “busy” so as to distract our attention. Work problems can be dealt with next week if conditions permit.

In particular, we should adjust our mentality. Some women think that menstruation is “bad luck” and they are very conflicted with it. Such psychological hints will aggravate the symptoms. Therefore, we should have a scientific understanding of this “old friend” and maintain a positive and optimistic attitude.


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