Postpartum menstrual recovery takes a period of time, some mothers in postpartum menstruation, may appear too much or too little menstruation, or even the second, third menstruation or so. At this time, the mother need not be too nervous, many women will have abnormal menstruation after childbirth, as long as the positive conditioning, over time can be restored. However, each person’s physique is different, recovery time is also different, in this recovery period, mothers can properly exercise, away from some bad habits, but also pay attention to maintaining a relaxed and happy mood, which is more conducive to recovery.

First, proper sports during menstrual period.

Many women have been misinterpreting menstrual disorders or menstrual disorders. In fact, on the contrary, proper exercise can improve menstrual irregularities and adjust menstrual rhythm. Proper amount of sports can promote blood circulation, improve the function of pelvic genital organs, enhance the body’s resistance, alleviate mental pressure; and abdominal muscle, pelvic muscle alternate contraction and relaxation has a positive role, but also to the uterus played a gentle massage role, conducive to the discharge of blood.

Menstrual exercises are mainly soft, relaxing, relaxing and stretching, such as meditative yoga, elementary gymnastics, or just doing some simple stretching at home. Through these light exercises to help smooth circulation of body blood, relieve stress. During exercise, we must avoid putting pressure on the abdominal cavity and avoid raising the leg position too high. If you feel tired or find sudden increase or decrease in blood volume, you need to stop exercising immediately.

Two, keep away from bad habits.

Many bad living habits can also lead to irregular menstruation, irregular work and rest time and greedy cool, often eat supplements and fast food, excessive diet and addiction to tobacco and alcohol, emotional abnormalities, stress, abuse of drugs and so on. Therefore, postpartum mothers must not stay up late, so as not to affect the physiological rhythm and endocrine coordination.

In addition, excessive postpartum weight loss diet, will lead to insufficient energy intake, resulting in a large number of fat and protein in the body is consumed, resulting in estrogen synthesis disorders and obvious lack of affecting menstruation, or even menstrual sparse or amenorrhea.

In addition, menstrual cold stimulation, will cause excessive contraction of pelvic blood vessels, can cause less menstruation or even amenorrhea. Postpartum mothers should have regular patterns of daily life, avoid overwork, and prevent cold and damp during menstruation.

Three, maintain good postpartum mood

Due to the physical deformation of the child after birth, the rhythm of life accelerated, when the mother felt especially negative energy, anxiety. Anxiety can also cause ovarian dysfunction. Depression or depression often reduces or even amenorrhea, and emotional stress can increase the amount of menstruation, menstruation ahead of time. Mother’s mood swings will affect menstrual changes at any time.

If mothers want to recuperate their menstruation, the key is to put their emotions back in place.

1, give yourself some relaxation time. Listen to soothing music in a quiet environment and relax for yourself; watch comedy TV series or movies at home to make yourself laugh; exercise indoors, such as doing breathing yoga and body dancing.

2, a reasonable diet can also help new mothers to adjust their mood. Pay attention to the balance of body nutrition, but also should eat more light food with it, drink more water, adequate vitamin D supplement. Increased dietary ingredients such as skimmed milk, cod liver oil, cheese, nuts, and seafood can help relieve mood.

In addition to looking at the mother’s constitution, the coordination of various aspects is also very important. Menstrual conditioning is an important part of postpartum physical recovery, for the sake of physical health, mothers in the above three areas should try their best to cooperate.


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