Before the arrival of the special period of each month, many MMs find that their appetite has increased dramatically, potato chips, biscuits, all kinds of high-calorie food can be said to come, it is a sad thing for MM who keeps her figure, so why do they want to eat junk food in the past?

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Help: Why do you want to eat junk food before menstruation?

Found that they can eat during the period before menstruation. In the supermarket, on the Internet, can’t help buying junk food? Usually I can restrain it, but I can’t bear it before that time. I bought a lot of potato chips, biscuits and carbonated drinks to eat crazily. What if you want to follow your heart, but you are afraid of getting fat? Why can’t you stop eating at this time?

According to research, the exact cause of this desire is not clear, it seems that hormones are acting. Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter. Menstrual women consume a little more energy than usual, so it’s not too terrible to eat more calories. Don’t make yourself too nervous, beware of premenstrual syndrome.


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