Menstruation, official name menstruation, regular holidays, etc., she accompanied your sisters all the way from adolescence, love and marriage, pregnancy and childbirth. She went and came, and came and went. Although it was a little annoying when I came, and my body was a little uncomfortable, but if I didn’t come, it would be — big! Big!

1, will you record the menstrual date?

I still remember that month when I was happy to be a mother, my aunt did not come for a long time. At that time, I was totally unconcerned. Forgive me for being a careless person. When I went to visit my pregnant girlfriend, I was reminded by my girlfriend to have a pregnancy test paper, Duang! Give me two red bars. Ah, I won the prize, and I went to the hospital again to verify it with my husband’s company.

The doctor asked, “what’s the last menstrual period? What’s the end?”

I replied, “forehead, forehead, probably a dozen or so, I can’t remember clearly.

Doctor: what day is it? So I know how long you have been!

I whispered, “I really can’t remember,” then, let’s call it number 15.

The doctor continues: which day is the end?

I casually break: No. 20.

Then, the coffin concluded that I was pregnant for 45 days. As a result, my stomach became bigger later. The doctor recalculated the expected date of delivery according to the B-mode ultrasound data again, because what I said before was totally inaccurate and did not conform to the development of the fetus.

Therefore, it is very important to advise your sisters to record the date of menstruation for those who are pregnant, married and unmarried.


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