Although menstruation is only a few days, but for the menstruation of this distinguished guest, how much trouble to the new mother, but not to worry about. Some of the new mothers still hesitate to menstruate after giving birth. They are extremely sad. What can we do?

Why postpartum menstruation is delayed?

1. Postpartum disorders can cause amenorrhea. This is mainly seen in long-term lactation, postpartum hemorrhage and infection caused by Hans syndrome; in addition, excessive prolactin in the body will also inhibit ovulation and form menstruation. As long as there is breastfeeding, postpartum mother’s menstruation should not come too early. Of course, there are great differences among different people. In addition, some parturients have endometrial atrophic amenorrhea due to lactation for too long.

2. Another major type of amenorrhea occurs in women with postpartum hemorrhage accompanied by shock, severe postpartum infection or diffuse intravascular coagulation. These symptoms may lead to amenorrhea, the so-called Han’s syndrome, which can also involve the secretory function of the thyroid gland, resulting in such symptoms as emaciation, dyspepsia, chills, fatigue, atrophy of sexual organs, low basal metabolism and hair loss, which must be diagnosed and treated by a doctor.

3. If the postpartum mother’s body is too fat, mental stress is too great, ovarian function problems, etc., will also cause postpartum menstrual disorders or menstrual failure.

4. The mode of delivery also affects postpartum menstruation. If vaginal delivery has not undergone surgery, the trauma is relatively small, belonging to the natural process. The recovery of postpartum menstruation in this way should also be faster. Cesarean section has undergone an operation, the uterus needs a recovery period, the operation itself has to undergo anesthesia, which is also an endocrine aspect, the physical aspect of the whole person is also a relatively large interference and influence. Therefore, the cesarean section of the mother’s menstrual recovery should be later, later than natural childbirth.

5. Menstruation is often delayed due to excessive mental tension, abnormal emotions such as grief, anger, disappointment, etc. This situation often leads to breast pain, distress, depression, generally do not need treatment, but sometimes the menstruation has been delayed, we need to carry out the necessary conditioning.


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