Old people often warn new mothers that they can’t take a bath or get out of bed during the month, and that they can’t drink water or eat salt, but in fact, there is no evidence to prove that they can’t. Therefore, the new mother science puerperium, can completely abandon these old ideas.

1. Can’t you drink water during puerperium, only rice wine?

—— [NO! 】 Drinking rice wine may not be good. Wine affects milk.

It has been said that women who have just given birth can not drink water, including strong soup, drinks, milk and so on, but only rice wine. In other words, it is because after the birth of the baby, the whole body was in edema state, so drinking water will cause no smooth edema, easy to get rheumatism or neuralgia in the future. I’m really thirsty. I can only drink boiled rice wine.

At present, there is no scientific evidence that drinking water during puerperium can lead to women’s health problems. In fact, on the contrary, maternal alcohol, even rice wine with low alcoholicity, also contains certain alcohol. The scientific name of alcohol is ethanol, which is a central neurotoxic substance. After drinking rice wine, the new mother can be detected in the blood in about 40 minutes, and then alcohol enters the milk by passive diffusion. Alcoholic milk can affect the development of the infant’s nervous system.

So don’t believe this rumor. Drink water when you are thirsty, eat when you are hungry, and don’t take rice wine seriously.

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Page 1: Can’t we drink water during puerperium, only rice wine?

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