As the lochia needs to be discharged from the female body, the new mother needs to be in close contact with the sanitary napkin for a long time. However, many new mothers know little about “sanitary napkin” after childbirth, and often use ordinary sanitary napkin instead, which is unscientific!

Postpartum private place is in a sensitive state, and the period of lochia can be as long as 3 weeks. During this period, the sanitary napkin can be in close contact with you 24 hours a day. If the sanitary napkin is not used properly, it can cause serious or light diseases at any time.

Why do you need professional sanitary napkins?

1. Reduce pain

After the delivery of women, vulva more or less will leave a wound, ordinary sanitary napkin is generally made of chemical fiber, easy to fluff, friction, easy to produce static electricity, the stimulation of sensitive wounds of puerpera can not be small. The high-quality special sanitary napkin is more breathable and comfortable, which can minimize the pain of pregnant women and better protect the wounds of pregnant women after childbirth.

2. Avoid infection

The common sanitary napkin with chemical fiber composition is easy to produce stimulation, which will cause prickly heat, red itch and other problems; at the same time, it has general water absorption, easy side leakage and backflow, unable to cope with a large number of postpartum lochia. Therefore, the parturient should choose the special sanitary napkin with antibacterial and bacteriostatic effect.

It is the first step of postpartum nursing to choose a sanitary napkin with good quality and suitable for you. It is needless to say that we should pay more attention to the following points when choosing the brand of maternity sanitary napkin with good quality and good reputation:

> > three models should be distinguished

Generally speaking, there are three types of special sanitary napkin for parturient, mainly for three different periods of lochia. Never choose a model based on your feeling or body shape. Choose it based on the period. Generally, 2 or 3 days after childbirth is the period of most lochia. You can choose to stack the medium size on the large size, and only change the medium size when you change it. 4-8 days after childbirth, lochia color becomes lighter, and you can choose the medium size sanitary napkin and panties opened before childbirth to use together. More than 3 weeks after childbirth, lochia basically becomes the same as ordinary leucorrhea, and you can directly choose the small size sanitary napkin and before childbirth Open underwear for use.

> > be airtight

The postpartum sanitary napkin with strong absorption, side leakage prevention and backflow design shall be selected. In terms of material quality, maternity sanitary napkins, like ordinary sanitary napkins, are divided into soft and dry mesh types. Due to the different physical quality of each person, the feeling of sanitary napkin will be different. For example, some people feel that the mesh surface is dry, some people feel that the mesh surface is not comfortable with the skin, and some people are allergic to the drug sanitary napkin. Therefore, we should choose the most suitable type according to our own practical experience.

> > 2-3 bags of sanitary napkins need to be prepared

How many sanitary napkins should be prepared? According to the different constitution of each person, in general, you can prepare 2 packages of large, 2 packages of medium and 3 packages of small. Postpartum can be adjusted according to their own specific circumstances.

Postpartum lochia lasts for a long time. New mothers should not be too busy taking care of their babies to forget to change their sanitary napkins. The sanitary napkin needs to be replaced in time. Wash your hands before going to the toilet every time. When cleaning, wipe it with a disinfectant type cleaning cotton from front to back. In order to ensure that the private place is clean and sanitary.


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