“You are like a fire in the summer, and the flames are burning me.”

“The upper body is sweating, and the lower part of the body is flowing with blood.”

“Hot, clatter ~ can not eat ice ~ really want to eat shit…”

The dog days are so long, there will certainly be a week of M, dare to ask in the dog days M is what feeling? It must be very painful! Sit for a long time to feel the whole skin wet, can not tell whether it is sweat or aunt’s blood…

To get back to the point, I’ve summed up some good methods, dog days, you should do this, in order to easily meet menstruation!

The private place is hot and humid.

Because of the high temperature in summer, the bacteria are extremely active, the heat is hot, dry and unbearable, but also pad a layer of sanitary towel in the private, which is undoubtedly like a cotton-padded jacket for the private in the summer.

1. pay attention to the cleanliness of private places.

Summer hot and humid, sweat more suitable for bacterial growth and reproduction, serious may lead to the destruction of the vaginal environment, acidity and alkalinity changes. Therefore, more attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the private parts.

2. changing sanitary napkins frequently.

At present, there are many “absorb a large amount” of sanitary napkins on the market publicity, making many women mistakenly believe that a sanitary napkin can be used for a long time, especially when the blood is less, it is only one or two tablets a day, which is a serious mistake.

Summer humidity is easy to gather in local areas, causing allergies, so regardless of the amount of small, are recommended to replace every 2 hours.

3. choose the right sanitary napkin.

Private skin is particularly delicate, if in an air-tight environment, easy to cause a variety of health problems. In the hot summer, the use of sanitary towels too thick so that the vulva is often in a hot and humid environment, very prone to eczema.

Therefore, we must use good ventilation, thick and thin sanitary napkins.

The body began to dropsy.

Menstruation when the body began to swell, coupled with the heat of the weather, the whole person seems more swollen! Women have a kind of fat is not eating fat, it is incredible!

1., keep exercising.

Generally speaking, women with regular exercise habits have fewer symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. So, move it!

2. reduce salt.

Salt restriction in diet helps prevent edema. Eat less salted food. Do not add salt when cooking or eating. Also pay attention to hidden sources of salt, such as soy sauce, canned fruits and vegetables, canned soup, canned cooked meat and so on.

3. healthy diet

Though cliche is commonplace, the essence of shaping health is always similar. Eat more fruits, vegetables, nuts and cereals. Avoid caffeine and alcohol.

The smell of blood is strong.

Each menstruation has a very strong taste, and it will be more ashamed and unable to cover up in dog days. Sometimes I really don’t know whether to hide or hide myself.

1. changing sanitary napkins frequently.

Menstrual blood itself is tasteless. Taste is produced by secretions and sweat mixed with blood, endometrium and sebaceous glands. Bacteria multiply rapidly in this environment, so there is a more obvious odor.

To improve this situation, the best way is to improve their own hygiene, the most important is to change sanitary napkins frequently.

2. wear loose and comfortable clothes.

Many women like to wear tight clothes to highlight their figure, even in the menstrual period often like to pack tightly airtight, in fact, this is like adding fuel to the fire, will only increase sweat penetration and sweat odor.

Therefore, during the menstrual period, cotton underwear and loose clothing should be used to ensure ventilation and ventilation.

Menstrual leak detection

If you change your sanitary napkin at night, and happen to be out of the party, sitting in a chair, menstrual leak, is it up or not up?

1. changing sanitary napkins frequently.

Changing sanitary napkins frequently is an effective way to combat aunt side leakage, especially during the first three days of menstruation.

2. proper exercise

Many girls worry about menstrual leakage, often in menstrual advent when sitting in a chair for a long time, do not walk, this is not the correct approach, long-term sitting will only make menstrual bloodstream obstruction, so stand up and walk, activity is best, otherwise after sitting up for a long time, menstruation like a flood gushing out.

3. avoid cycling.

When you ride a bicycle, you squeeze it into the perineum, which is not only bad for blood circulation in the pelvic cavity, but also can cause lateral leakage through the blood. If you must ride a bike, change a clean towel before you ride, and avoid long rides!

In addition, during the menstrual period must not eat ice cream and other raw and cold food, spicy bars such stimulating food is also to quit, it is best to eat some pork liver, spinach, pork, chicken, mutton and so on. Do not give up blood sugar, even if it is too much blood.


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