Do you miss the “old friend” who hasn’t come for a long time? Although every time she comes, she will bring you some small troubles, but she is also your pride as a healthy and mature woman. How can you not care about her? However, her coming too early makes people tangle and too late makes people worry.

When does postpartum come menstruation? Does menstruation come early or late? This is a concern of many new mothers. Let’s see what the early and late menstruation after childbirth represent.

1、 Time: early onset of postpartum menstruation vs late onset

1. How early is postpartum menstruation

– 1 month

That’s right. When the baby is just at the full moon, her menstruation will arrive as scheduled. Of course, this is in the mother did not breast-feeding, all aspects of the body will be in good condition, if the postpartum breast-feeding, then menstruation generally will not come so early.

After the birth of a child, the recovery of menstrual cycle and ovarian ovulation is different from each other. If some women start ovulation 28 days after childbirth, they will have menstruation in one month. Some women, especially those who breast feed their children, have a later time to resume ovulation and menstrual cycle. But no matter sooner or later, we should ovulate first, and then menstruate.

2. How late is postpartum menstruation

— 1 year

Because mother insists on lactation, menstruation comes late after one year. During lactation, the mother’s anterior pituitary needs to secrete a large amount of prolactin to promote the mammary gland to secrete milk, which relatively suppresses the role of pituitary secreting egg stimulating hormone, so that the follicular development is inhibited, and can not develop into mature eggs. Therefore, many mothers in lactation have no ovulation function or menstruation within half a year to a year, which is normal .

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Page 1: time of recovery of menstruation after childbirth

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Page 3: don’t get tangled in the morning or in the evening, it’s important to recover well


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