Mother’s question: after giving birth to the child for 4 months, menstruation finally comes. My body is relatively thin. I was worried about the lack of milk nutrition. When I came to menstruation, I was more worried about the lack of milk nutrition. In addition, the elderly always said that the milk during menstruation was poisonous. Should I be weaned for a period of time for the health of my baby?

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Does menstruation during lactation affect milk quality

The poisonous claim is nonsense. The impact of menstruation on milk varies from person to person, but the impact is only a slight change in milk composition, which will reduce fat and increase protein, so the toxic statement is not credible.

Menstrual milk may cause indigestion in the baby. The elderly believe that milk is poisonous, which may be due to the high protein of milk during menstruation, resulting in indigestion of the baby.

How to ensure the milk quality during menstruation

Babies have indigestion and mothers don’t have to wean. We should prevent the milk from being too thick. During menstruation, we can drink more boiled water, eat more fish, milk, poultry and vegetable soup.

In addition, if mothers have insufficient milk, they can also appropriately add auxiliary foods such as milk and rice paste to their babies.

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