A coquettish woman has the best life, while a new mother who learns to be picky during menstruation has virtue. Menstrual care, new mothers have to learn to “pick and choose”, not careless. Because menstrual care is not good, serious will cause all kinds of gynecological inflammation, new mothers join the army of pickiness.

   A kind of Clean the vaginal opening, be sure to use warm water

During menstruation, it’s important to keep your private parts clean. Especially now summer is hot, vulva is unavoidably muggy and humid.

Some new mothers clean the vagina, will choose to use some vulva lotion, to achieve bactericidal / bacteriostatic effect, at the same time remove odor. But in fact, this practice is not recommended, because during menstruation, due to the loss of the uterus, there will be more or less some small wounds in the vaginal orifice. At this time, the vaginal orifice is very fragile, and the cervical orifice is also in a slightly expanded state. If you use vulva Lotion at this time, it will destroy the vaginal acidity and alkalinity, and also wash off the sebum secreted by the vulva, so it is easy to be infected; Moreover, part of the vulva lotion is peppermint ingredients, will produce irritation to the vagina.

So, in fact, menstrual cleaning vaginal mouth, do not need any vulva lotion, just need to use warm water, warm water, warm water.

All matters related to sanitary napkins should be taken seriously

1. No matter how much or how little, new mothers should always be replaced every 4-6 hours to avoid bacterial breeding. So do not choose large capacity sanitary napkins, do not covet convenience.

2. Pay attention to the validity period of sanitary napkins. Some new mothers may be greedy for convenience and buy a large number of sanitary napkins at one time. In fact, the closer to the production date, the more guaranteed the quality. And sanitary napkins are disposable disinfection and sterilization, the validity period of such sterilization method is limited after all, if it exceeds the time limit, sanitary napkins will have no guarantee of sterility. Therefore, when buying sanitary napkins, it is recommended to buy according to the quantity.

3. Pay attention to the storage method of sanitary napkins, and try to put them in a dry and clean place. If it’s an unsealed sanitary napkin, it must not be put in the bathroom, because it’s easy to be affected by damp and deteriorate, and breed bacteria.

4. Do not choose sanitary napkins with spices, such as mint sanitary napkins. Many new mothers want to achieve the effect of sterilization through such ingredients, but spice ingredients do not represent cleaning ingredients. They are generally made by adding a variety of substances, which can easily cause allergy and bacterial infection.


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