Menstruation, there are always a few days not comfortable and comfortable, have to be very careful, even behavior have to be very careful. Don’t worry. Choose the right physiological pants for your new mother.

Reasons for choosing new mothers of menstrual physiological pants

No.1 prevention of leakage

At first, it seems that physiological pants are still mysterious. In fact, the anti-seepage principle is very simple, that is, a layer of waterproof fabric is added at the bottom and back of the underwear, so as to effectively prevent the side and back leakage of menstrual blood.

From the material point of view, there are mainly two kinds of physiological pants, one is coating anti-seepage type, using textile post-treatment technology, through coating anti-seepage coating on the surface of ordinary fabric, to improve the anti-seepage performance of fabric; The other is the waterproof film fitting physiological pants. In short, a layer of physical waterproof polymer plastic film is tightly bonded with ordinary textile base material to give the physiological pants anti-seepage performance.

No.2 comfortable and relaxed

Although physiological pants are no longer a new product, few people have paid attention to them in recent years. The reason is the comfort. In the past two years, designers have made great efforts in selecting materials and cutting, and the design is more in line with the ergonomics principles. In terms of styles, there are not only ordinary Triangle pants, flat pants, but also physiological pants with a waist and buttocks; In terms of function, in addition to retaining the traditional daily use and night use, the sales volume of day and night use, which has a wider scope of application, is rising all the way; In terms of fabric, the popular combination of cotton and Lycra is used as the base material, which improves the comfort and compactness of wearing. Breathable base material, fit design and wide adaptability greatly improve the comfort of physiological pants.

No.3 clean and breathable, menstrual period is not uncomfortable

Although overall, the air permeability of all kinds of physiological pants has improved significantly compared with previous years, the air permeability of coated physiological pants is still better than that of film coated physiological pants, even in hot summer.

No.4 easy to clean without trace

Due to the characteristics of the fabric, after the physiological pants are stained, the dirt will not penetrate into the fabric fiber, so it is very easy to clean. When washing, you can first use the water with detergent to soak, and then slightly rub, the dirt basically does not leave traces.


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