Mothers bathe almost every day, and it’s nothing special. But when menstrual visit, take a bath should pay special attention. Private hygiene is important, and so is proper bathing. Menstruation drives, how does private place clean? How to use lotion? Let’s have a look!

Preparation before washing: make sure the washing tools are clean

For direct contact with the body, it is important to keep clean. Do not mix the towel and washing utensil with others. Mothers can use detergent to clean the washing utensils before and after bathing. Keep your hands clean before taking a bath. It’s better to wash hands with antiseptic hand sanitizer first to avoid contamination of washing utensils due to bacteria carried by hands, touching pudenda. In addition, underwear should be washed separately and dried in the sun, and regularly scalded with boiling water for sterilization.

Bath way: shower is more healthy

During menstruation, it is best to take a shower because the endometrium falls off during the menstrual period and there is wound in the uterine cavity; the cervical mucus is washed out by the menstrual blood, and the cervical orifice is slightly open; there is menstrual blood in the vagina, which is a good culture medium for bacteria. If you take a bath or sit bath, the bacteria in the sewage and vagina may go up to the uterine cavity through the cervical tube and cause infection. Therefore, mothers choose to shower during menstruation!

Bath water temperature: 35-40 ℃

During menstruation, mothers should try to avoid taking cold baths. First, the mother’s resistance to menstrual period is poor, more likely to catch a cold than usual. Second, the stimulation of cold water will cause menstrual women endocrine disorders, amenorrhea, abdominal pain, and bacteria are easy to enter the vagina, causing vaginitis and other gynecological diseases, and even affect future pregnancy. Therefore, mothers should try not to use cold water for bathing during menstrual period. And warm water bath, it is not appropriate to adjust the water temperature too high, too high water temperature will lead to dry skin, the water temperature is generally 35-40 ℃.

How do you wash your private parts?

How do you wash your private parts? First of all, to do a good job of cleaning hands, and then first clean the vaginal orifice and urethral orifice, and then wash the anus around, pay attention not to wash back and forth, in order to avoid the bacteria in the anus into the vagina, causing infection.

Generally speaking, when mothers come to menstruation, they wash their private parts every day when they take a bath, usually once a day. But in the hot summer, mothers sweat more, with sanitary napkins will cover their private parts more sultry. If you are free during the day, taking a bath once more is also conducive to the hygiene of private places. After washing, change into a clean sanitary napkin, you will feel more fresh and comfortable.

How to use private lotion?

Many mothers feel that their private parts are dirty during menstruation, and they are easy to smell. Therefore, when taking a bath, clean your private parts with shower gel or flush with hot water. In fact, this practice is not conducive to the health of the vagina. Because menstrual vagina will be alkaline, reduce the resistance to bacteria, susceptible to infection.

The use of unprofessional vaginal cleaning fluid or excessive washing with hot water will lead to the increase of alkalinity and destroy the acid-base balance in the vagina. Therefore, the cleaning of private lotion to use professional private lotion, but also can not be used too frequently, disturbing the self-cleaning function of the vagina.

Of course, these baths also apply to the usual bath. In short, mothers should pay attention to the hygiene and health of private places, protect private places and keep away from gynecological diseases.


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