As we all know, women are not very comfortable for a few days every month, their mental state is not good, and some even have slight abdominal pain, which is called menstruation. During menstruation, female friends consciously keep warm, drink more boiled water, pay attention to rest, avoid cold drinks and so on. However, very young girls know that during menstruation, they are also fastidious about taking medicines. Some medicines are not suitable for use during menstruation, but use special medicines according to the particularity of menstruation.

The danger of misuse of drugs during menstruation is serious.

Menstruation is a special period for women. During this period, women’s immunity is low and their bodies are vulnerable to various factors. Especially in taking medicine, women should be cautious, otherwise they may bring great harm to their bodies.

Whether menstruation is normal or not is related to women’s health. But whether menstruation is healthy or not is related to women’s life happiness. So whether menstruation is normal or not is very important for women. But many female friends are not very concerned about medication and hygiene during menstruation. This will lay the root of future diseases, especially medication during menstruation.

Drugs used in women’s menstruation may affect the mechanism of bleeding and coagulation. There are many kinds of drugs that affect women’s menstruation. Therefore, drugs must be used cautiously during menstruation.


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