There are so many mobile apps that can record menstruation. I have used several of them. One of them has been used for about five years. Other pregnancy related apps can also record menstruation. I have tried it for some time. Sometimes I think these apps are accurate, and sometimes I don’t think so.

Summing up years of experience, I found that if you want these apps to be accurate, the premise is that your menstrual time should be very accurate, so that the predictions they provide you can be basically on the top. However, the human body is very magical and complex, menstruation will occasionally play a small character, early or delayed registration will not discuss with you.

If you want to get pregnant, you can try to arrange the homework according to the ovulation period monitored in the app at the beginning, but this is not completely accurate and can only be used as a reference. If you don’t plan to have children, I advise you not to rely too much on apps. These apps are not so reliable. The prediction of the safe period and ovulation period is not 100% accurate. In case of menstruation and pettiness, you will get “human life” if you are not careful.

Don’t want to be pregnant accidentally, what should young couple pay attention to? The following three points must be known!

1. Contraception during safe period is not so safe

There are many sisters that, as long as avoid ovulation period, how to love how to love, certainly will not be pregnant. For the regular menstruation of sisters, this does have a certain effect, but not 100% will not be pregnant. Just imagine, if the past menstruation is more accurate, just this month is out of order, then this safety period is not necessarily safe, don’t rely too much on the safety period predicted by app.

2. Ectopic ejaculation is not reliable

You know, this contraception is not so easy to operate when you are in love. Moreover, when you are more excited, there may be semen spillover, and it is inevitable to bury seeds without knowing it, which may lead to accidental pregnancy. Moreover, long-term ejaculation may lead to male sexual dysfunction. Do you think this method is reliable?

3. Shanghuan is not suitable for everyone

The upper ring is placed intrauterine device, which is mostly used for postpartum women. Compared with the contraceptive method of safe period and external ejaculation, the upper ring is more reliable. But not everyone is suitable for the ring, some people after the ring will appear irregular menstruation, abdominal pain, bleeding and other adverse symptoms, finally can only take the ring. And, on the ring to regularly check the ring, or when this Dongdong strike, there may be accidental pregnancy.

Among the three contraceptive methods mentioned above, I have sisters who got involved after using them. Finally, it was difficult to choose due to accidental pregnancy. It seems that these three methods of contraception are not good enough! So, how do young couples get contraception? There are still some excellent methods, such as condom contraception, which is the most common and relatively safe and effective method of contraception, and the success rate of contraception is uneven~


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