Women, every month there are so many special days, postpartum recovery menstruation of the new mother also re join the queue. But postpartum new mother private care more careful and careful, more private care, more health and rest assured.

Menstruation to new mother this way through menstruation

1. Refuse raw, cold, spicy and other stimulating food

Menstrual reasonable diet, avoid smoking and drinking, eat raw and cold, spicy and other stimulating food. In addition, menstruation should pay attention to nutrition, supplement protein, vitamins, iron and calcium, eat more eggs, lean meat, fish, bean products and fresh fruits and vegetables.

2. Keep warm without wearing tight pants

It’s better not to wear jeans and other tight clothes and too cool clothes such as suspenders during menstruation. It’s better to use special underpants during menstruation, pay attention to the air permeability of underpants, clean them with special detergent and replace them regularly.

3. No sitz bath, no shower gel

Menstruation should not sit bath, bath, do not take shower gel to clean private. Many women worry that the cleaning of their private parts during menstruation will not be in place. They can use private lotion and nursing solution, such as fuyanjie, to help clean their private parts.

4. Don’t be tired and keep in a good mood

Menstruation should pay attention to rest, reasonable arrangement of work and rest time, avoid physical labor. Also pay attention to maintain a happy mood, emotional, depression, anger, etc. will lead to qi stagnation, leading to dysmenorrhea and amenorrhea.

5. No strenuous exercise or hot spring

Menstrual period can also be appropriate exercise, such as walking, do not do too much exercise, will aggravate menstrual abdominal pain, distension and excessive blood volume, but also affect the endocrine. In addition, menstrual strenuous exercise can also cause uterine prolapse.

6. Love yourself in your sex life

Sex must be forbidden during menstruation. Menstrual endometrial exfoliation, uterine cavity with fresh wounds, sexual life may bring bacteria, cause genital inflammation, may also increase the amount of menstrual blood or menstrual period, serious may even affect fertility.


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