Some pain can’t be pretended, such as aunt pain. One second into the pain, and can not be relieved at the moment, can be called the number one distress in women’s daily life. But life is not only through pain and next pain, there are solutions and pain free distance. Now, let’s use these tips to bring new mothers into that magical country.    

𞓜 pay attention to the small things. The new mother will come and wave goodbye to her aunt

1. Say no to “cool”

Nowadays, a lot of women want to be gentle and cool. In winter, they see many girls wearing thin clothes. In summer, they can show up without any attention to keeping warm. How can we do this? Cool is the biggest enemy of girls’ dysmenorrhea. If the new mother doesn’t pay attention to keeping warm, she can’t regret it when she is in pain.

2. Say goodbye to a lot of sports

A lot of exercise will aggravate your dysmenorrhea, so when your menstruation comes to greet you, don’t do strenuous exercise, do some moderate exercise, and proper exercise will improve your whole mood. When you come to menstruation, it’s when you are very depressed, so let proper exercise help you relieve your troubles!

3. Say yes to hot water

When you are not comfortable, many people will tell you to drink more hot water. The ancients said that women are made of water, and most of people’s bodies are made of water. Women drink more water will have a lot of benefits. Drinking hot water during menstruation will make your body warm and have a certain effect on relieving dysmenorrhea.


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