My good friend Wei Wei six months ago, Shun gave birth to a lovely and beautiful “Qianjin”, perhaps immersed in the happiness and happiness of motherhood, but now I think that I have not yet menstruated. Two days ago, when Wei Wei went to the toilet, she was surprised to find some blood stains on her underwear. It was dark red, just like her menstruation before pregnancy, but the amount was very small. Moreover, every time she went to the toilet, there would be a little blood stain. Is this menstruation coming?

Weiwei asked her friends about the birth. Some of them had come more than a month after delivery, and some of them came only half a year later, just like her. Vivi was confused at once. How long does it take for her to menstruate after delivery? Is her condition normal now?

I. Menstruation after spontaneous delivery, in fact, there is no clear time

Believe that many new mothers have Weiwei’s questions, go online to check the relevant information, you may get more answers: three months, six months, one month later, the first menstruation in a year later… Actually, there is no definite time for menstruation after spontaneous delivery.

To be precise, every mother’s situation is different, and there is not a very clear time. Generally speaking, women’s menstruation will not recover immediately after delivery, and it will take some time to gradually return to normal. How long does postpartum menstruation last? This time is related to the mother’s personal constitution, age, breast-feeding, breast-feeding time, ovarian function recovery and so on. Therefore, how long postpartum menstruation is not exactly the same.

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Page 1: How long does menstruation last after delivery?

Page 2: Breastfeeding and non-breastfeeding are different

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