Before menstruation was reported, some new mothers had become “Empress Dowager Cixi”, which made people afraid and unable to get close. In fact, the new mothers are also worried: during that time, they were easily irritable, greedy, backache, acne, and it was not easy for women to read this “classic”.

It’s a disgusting premenstrual syndrome

Easily irritable

Every time before menstruation, some new mothers are like a bomb. If her husband is not a bomb disposal expert, he will not dare to provoke new mothers. New mothers may not understand why they are like this. In fact, it’s normal. Because the hormones in the body will change before menstruation, which will affect the psychological activities and behaviors of new mothers through neural mechanisms, and the natural emotions will also change. Generally speaking, the performance is as follows: mild is moody, irritable; What’s more, I don’t want to pay attention to anyone and lock myself up. If you are a working mother, you may not always remember things.

I can’t stop talking

Before menstruation, sweets have a fatal attraction for new mothers. At the same time, I still feel hungry. Most of the time, the food may have been piled up in my throat, but the new mothers are still hungry, sweet, salty, sour and spicy. They even need to drink more water. Anyway, the stomach is bulging like a balloon, but the mouth can’t stop, so the week before menstruation is also a high-risk period for new mothers to get fat.

Intermittent abdominal pain

Premenstrual abdominal pain is one of the most common problems, generally speaking, women will appear this symptom near the menstrual period. In fact, this is also a kind of dysmenorrhea, because the sudden decrease of sex hormones in the body before menstruation will affect the whole body system, there will be a certain reaction, generally accompanied by abdominal distension and breast pain.

Physiological pox also came out

The acne of premenstrual president is unusual, generally big, red, swollen. It is because of a large amount of lutein secretion during this period that physiological pox is particularly easy to break out. At the same time, the acne that grows out at this time will generally leave a dark red mark, which is difficult to eliminate.


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