Many new mothers are not surprised, or even excited, by the fact that many of them have not met.

Normally, newborn mothers without breast-feeding usually report after 3 months of delivery. Breastfeeding mothers, however, usually arrive late on their regular holidays, about 4-6 months after delivery.

Nevertheless, there are great differences among people. Some new mothers never come during their breast-feeding period, and some even breast-feeding mothers arrive on time one month after delivery. All of the above are normal.

However, with the new mother’s body “renewal” and menstrual monarch’s re-arrival, it is suggested that the new mothers should take good care of them.

Don’t beat your waist

If you beat your waist during menstruation, it will aggravate pelvic congestion, which is not conducive to the recovery of the flaking uterine wound, leading to prolonged menstruation.

It’s better not to have a physical examination.

Physical examination items such as gynecological examination, routine urethral examination, etc., if a physical examination is carried out during menstruation, it will lead to vaginal infection, and the results of the examination will be biased.

If it is not necessary to undergo surgical treatment

The operation mentioned here refers not only to gynecological operation, but also to all operations. Because the coagulation function of the newborn mother decreases during menstruation, the operation at this time will increase the bleeding time and the amount of bleeding.

Eat critically

Don’t drink during menstruation. Alcohol not only increases menstruation, but also impairs liver function much more than usual. In addition, drinking during menstruation is more intoxicating than usual.

In addition, tea and espresso can easily lead to prolonged menstruation, increased menstrual volume, dysmenorrhea and other discomforts, but also pay more attention to avoid drinking as much as possible.

Don’t eat salty food because it can easily lead to emotional agitation, irritability or headache before menstruation.

Fried food is also taboo. It is not only easy to get acne during menstruation, but also cause fat accumulation and fattening. New mothers may have heard the saying that no one can gain weight during menstruation, but nowadays there is no solid basis to prove it. So, let’s just listen to the new mother.

Don’t drink cold food or iced drinks. This should not be a reminder. If menstruation touches cold food, it will cause adverse menstrual bleeding, and individual people will cause dysmenorrhea, so this is also one of the taboos.


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